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Happy Healthy Sexy at 90? Diet Choices Prolong Life-60 Minutes Video

On Sunday, May 4th, Leslie Stahl of 60 Minutes (CBS TV) reported on common, surprising diet/lifestyle choices made by healthy, happy seniors over age 90.

Watch the 60 minutes report and you will:

Meet some of the 90+ men and women who participated in a groundbreaking study on aging.
Meet Dr. Claudia Kawas who explains surprising findings of U of CA Irvine Study.
Find out where these healthy seniors all lived at one time.
Discover the surprising food choices, alcohol choices, and ideal weight promote healthy longevity past 90.
Learn why some seniors with amyloid plaque in brain MRI’s show no symptoms of alzheimers.
See if being sexually active over 90 plays a role in sustaining healthy longevity.

Use these exciting health tips to prolong your healthy vitality in life and love.
Watch this video now:

Get all the love, health, happiness you desire,

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