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Rainy Kiss Is A New Health Risk? Blame ChemTrails

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Imagine a time when a romantic, rain-drenched kiss can harm your health. Has that time arrived? You’re about to discover why they aren’t just raindrops falling on your head today, because the rain allegedly is laced with chemtrails.

This summer, I started noticing symptoms of how toxic the rain has become. I fondly recall a time in my childhood, when I loved getting drenched in a summer rain, dancing and laughing in a downpour.

I felt the same joy this summer, as I got delightfully soaked by a warm, steady rain one evening. Then I went to bed without washing the rain water out of my hair, just like I did as a child. I slept with wet hair covering my neck, blissfully unaware of the trouble that could cause.

The next morning, I noticed my throat had started swelling. By afternoon, it felt like I had marbles in the lymph glands on my neck. So I made an appointment to see my naturopathic physician, seeking the cause and cure for painful swelling in my neck.

He ruled out illness, because I felt great aside from the swelling. He ruled out allergic reaction to foods, supplements, body care products. No ticks, bites nor bee stings caused this swelling. What did?

I may have had a swelling reaction to a relatively new threat to human health — toxic chemtrails that are being sprayed by jets into our upper atmosphere to plug the hole in the ozone layer. The fallout?

Toxic chemtrails are being washed to earth in our rain water, while also contaminating the air we breathe, the food we eat and the water we drink.

How toxic are chemtrails?

Before I give you scientific data, I’d like to show you visual images of chemtrails being sprayed into our upper atmosphere by jet pilots in countries around the world:

Poland Chemtrails In Sky
Leeds, UK Chemtrails In Sky
Australia Chemtrails In Sky

Think America is safe? Just look up at the sky and you’ll see the same visual evidence of jet-stream chemtrails being sprayed wherever you live in the US. The US and NATO countries reportedly are spraying chemtrails to save the planet from runaway global warming, says a well-known geo-engineer in a controversial report.

How toxic is the chemtrails spray?

Arizona scientists have measured the amount of dangerous heavy metals in chemtrails-contaminated air.
Their 2010 figures indicate how many times they are over the “allowable” toxic limit:

Aluminum: 15.8
Antimony: 63.3 [This is not a typo] Arsenic: 418 [This is not a typo] Barium: 5.3
Cadmium: 6
Chromium: 6.4
Copper: 9
Iron: 43.5 [This is not a typo] Lead: 15.7
Manganese: 513.8 [This is not a typo] Nickel: 10.7
Zinc: 7.5

Arizona scientists concluded, “These figures show that there is no air “quality” [a word meaning: excellence or worth]; but instead, there is a combination of hazardous metals permeating the air. These toxins do NOT belong in the air we are breathing. In fact, if precaution were accurately factored in, the “allowable” toxic limit should be ZERO.” To read the science explaining health damage caused by toxic chemtrails, click here.

Is there any place on earth that is safe from chemtrail contamination?

In 2011, Maui residents crafted legislation to ban geo-engineering chemtrails. Click here for the story.

Now that you know about the chemtrails toxins that end up in our rain, can you look at a rain-drenched kiss without wondering if this is a new health risk?

Kiss In The Rain-The Notebook

This may sound like a science fiction plot to poison the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat.
So what’s the intended purpose of saturating our global atmosphere with Chemtrails?

Scientists reportedly developed chemtrails to plug the hole in the ozone layer, caused by pollution. Chemtrails are intended to counteract rising temperatures on earth and make it rain, especially as droughts are plaguing more areas in the US and other countries.

How is chemtrail drought relief working?

My personal observation: A day or two after I’d observed multi chemtrail jet streams in the skies over Chicago this spring, we’ve had two flash floods, being deluged twice by 4-7 inches of rain in an hour.

Before chemtrails spraying, this deluge used to be called “the hundred year flood.” After chemtrails, is the hundred year flood the new normal — for Chicago, at least?

If so, this means there’s a major flaw in the chemtrails formula. Chemtrails also are linked to rising rates of Autism and Alzheimers due to high levels of toxic aluminum in our rain, in our farmland, in the air we breath. To read the report about chemtrail health risks, click here.

What can you do to protect yourself and your loved ones from toxic chemtrails?

Use an umbrella so you don’t get drenched by contaminated rain water.

Use Umbrella in Rain

Move to Maui, or follow Maui’s lead to encourage lawmakers to craft legislation that outlaws the use of toxic chemtrails in their airspace.

What about the drift factor from the toxic chemtrails jet spray?

With the drift, maybe no place on earth is safe from chemtrails contaminants. The antidote?

Let’s end the eerie silence in the media on this issue. Let’s explore the facts and fiction associated with chemtrails spraying around the globe and build awareness of the risks/rewards.

If scientifically proven to contaminate our water, our food and our air as alleged, let’s start developing safer tools to plug the hole in the ozone layer that protects all life on earth.

Let’s ask the best and brightest in the world to find safer ways to decrease pollution, detox chemtrails contaminants from ourselves and our planet, and plug the hole in the ozone layer that protects all life on earth.

Get all the love, health and happiness you deserve,

Hadley Finch

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