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How to Avoid Divorce Mistakes Issue 29 HappySexyLove APP

Avoid heartbreaking divorce mistakes. Issue 29 HappySexyLoveMagazine.com

In HappySexyLove APP ISSUE 29, available in iTunes and Google Play APP stores, viewers will:

* Gain real-life wisdom about avoiding costly divorce mistakes and thriving in your new life as Hadley Finch interviews two divorced authors, Carolyn Ellis and Deborah S. Gordon, Make Your Divorce Cost You Less.

* Learn the worst changes to make after divorce or death of a beloved and what to do instead in video advice by Hadley Finch.

* Find out how to reframe your sad love story with a happy ending, without lying. Why is that important? Because it lifts spirits and attracts love again, using Hadley Finch Video love tips.

* Love Food that Loves You Back With A Video Recipe for the best party appetizer ever. Savory, nourishing, captivating party appetizer with heart healthy Mediterranean ingredients including goat cheese, sun dried tomatoes, olives, garlic, rosemary served on a bed of bread or cracker.

* Savor a Love Ballad with lyrics by Hadley Finch, revealing how a marriage dies with its SONG UNSUNG.

* Send love question to Hadley Finch. Get an answer in your inbox or a future issue.

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