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6 Reasons Generation Xers Worry about Money. How to Change That.

6 reasons Gen Xers worry about money. How to change that. HappySexyLoveHealthWealth.com

Ever since my blog debuted in 2008, I’ve been sharing tools and techniques
that build a life and relationship to love for a lifetime. When I uncover
a common barrier to that goal, I describe the problem and share strategies
to solve it.

Today’s happy, sexy love barrier stems from a failure to protect wealth
and plan for a comfortable retirement.

It’s common knowledge that money worries are a common barrier against
relationship bliss and a common cause of divorce.

What’s news about that reality?

The news is that 32% of Generation Xers (born 1965 to 1975) are struggling
more than other generations with fear that they won’t have enough money now
or in the future, and they are failing to plan for retirement.

LIMRA’s 2016 Insurance Barometer reveals that 25% of Baby Boomers (born 1946 to 1964)
and 24% of Millennials (born 1977 to 1995) share Gen Xers’ money fears and fail to
plan for a comfortable retirement.

Why do Gen Xers, the generational middle children, struggle with this more
than Boomers or Millennials?

The publication for licensed investment advisors (thinkadvisor.com) reveals

6 Reasons Why Generation Xers Worry about Money.

1 They can’t keep up with monthly expenses. Two out of five Gen Xers struggle
to stay on top of their monthly bills and basic household costs — making it
difficult for them to even think about saving for later on.

2. Their income has remained stagnant. Gen Xers have reported that they are
financially worse off than they were two years ago, primarily because their wages
have not kept up with rising costs of living.

3. They carry too much debt. More than three-quarters of Americans carry some
form of debt. But high levels of auto and education loan debt has caused
Generation X to feel financially stressed.

4. They aren’t financially prepared for an emergency. Only one in three Americans
has disability insurance and just two in five have an adequate emergency fund of at
least six months’ salary.

5. Their employee benefits are lacking. Just over one in five American workers
currently has access to employer-provided college savings or tuition benefits.

6. They have little to no life insurance. Twenty-four percent of working Americans
have no life insurance at all. And nearly one in three who has coverage relies primarily
on workplace coverage–which can be a perk while you work but you can’t take it with you
when you change jobs.

The stress of these 6 common money worries steals joy and security in yourself and your

How do Gen Xers relieve that stress and improve their relationship with money?

A little financial planning makes an enormous difference in the quality of life
and relationship success now and in the future. A licensed, certified advisor
will show you how to take small steps today that gradually solve all 6 money worries
and build a solid financial foundation that supports your goals and dreams now
and in each stage of life.

Creating happy, sexy love and wealth that lasts,


P.S. I am a licensed wealth protection advisor for a Fortune 400 company, and I
invite you to schedule a no-obligation phone or skype consult with me to improve
your relationship with money at OakBrookWealthProtection.com

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