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Is Marriage Obsolete? Part 1 – Why Half Of American Adults Are Not Married

Modern marriage is in trouble. Divorce rates are rising from over 50 percent in first marriages to almost 90 percent in forth and fifth marriages. With infidelity and divorce increasing, American couples clearly don’t know how to prevent or recover from affairs, rebound from challenges and create a marriage built to last.

We don’t know how divorce can harm your health, devastate your children, and limit your success. Divorce can cost you millions if you’re wealthy or cause you to struggle financially now and for generations if you’re not. If more of us are getting divorced than married, is marriage obsolete?

Discover the answers in Part 1 of my radio discussion with Dr. Doug Welpton, an acclaimed, Ivy League trained psychiatrist and family therapist who has helped thousands of couples overcome conflicts over sex, love, money and infidelity.

Currently, half of Americans are not married. TIME magazine reported that 40 percent of Americans think marriage is becoming obsolete and no longer necessary. Why are we less wedded to the idea of getting or staying married?

“We used to get married for financial reasons. Now we’re more affluent. Because of the women’s movement, many women are working and they don’t need a man for financial security.” Dr. Doug explained the prime driver for marriage today. “We now marry to be happy and have a love relationship. This is harder to hold onto, because in all relationships love fluctuates up and down. People need to understand that love is a commitment not just a feeling.”

Let’s think of love as a verb, an action word. It’s the loving things you do that inspire feelings of love. Yet if you’ve lost that loving feeling, many couples throw away a marriage instead of doing new things to make it better than ever. What has made a marriage disposable?

“We instituted no-fault divorce in the 70’s. The ease of getting divorced boosted the divorce rate up to about 50 percent, also due to the combination of our being more affluent and women being able to support themselves.” Dr. Doug revealed the fallout of no-fault divorce. “Now the children of divorced parents don’t have models for making a commitment and staying married, and they’re scared of getting married.”

How do we teach our children that it’s possible to create a happy marriage with a lasting love? We’ll explore this in Part 2 of our series.

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