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Lemon Moringo Latte Recipe: Caffeine-free Energy Boost

What’s leafy, green, and known to have health boosting vitamins and minerals

like vitamin C, vitamin A, calcium, iron, and essential amino acids?

This sounds like a riddle, though the countless benefits of moringa are no joke.

Earning the nickname “the miracle tree,” this herb touts as many health promoting

properties as turmeric and as many nutrients as today’s most popular superfoods.

Moringa the Herbal Superfood

Moringa, or Moringa oleifera, is a plant that has
been celebrated in India and other Asian countries
for years. The leaves, bark, roots, flowers, and
even sap are used for specific health benefits,
while the young pods with seeds are used as a
popular and delicious vegetable called drumstick.
In addition to all of this, it is known to contain
many of the essential amino acids needed to form a
complete protein. With all of these merits, it’s
no wonder the plant is so highly revered and
considered by many to be auspicious.

The light, dry, sharp, and heating qualities make
moringa a great herb for pacifying kapha dosha.
Likewise, its astringent, pungent, and bitter
tastes are a perfect combo for balancing the
heaviness and stagnancy of spring. Still,
moringa’s profound value should not be reserved
for certain doshas or seasons.

Through centuries of use and modern research, it
has been shown that moringa has strong health
promoting properties. It is said to have an
affinity for drawing natural toxins from the blood
and, in turn, can support healthy cholesterol
levels within the normal range. It can help fuel
the digestive fire (agni) and support healthy
metabolism and an appropriate weight loss program,
yet at the same time it can reduce pitta and heat
in the joints. And notably working magic outside
the body, the seeds have been used as a natural
filtration system for water!

After learning the myriad of benefits from one
single plant, it’s only natural to look for ways
to incorporate this herb into your life. Why not
make it the foundation of your day by creating a
revitalizing morning tonic?

The vibrant green powder and bitter taste that
comes from moringa is comparable to matcha, the
green tea powerhouse that’s already won its way
into many morning routines. As such, moringa could
be easily incorporated into drinks like matcha, or
be used on its own in a similar way. Ultimately,
it could be preferred over matcha as a morning
wake-up call, since it not only gives a vitamin
driven energy boost, it does so without caffeine.
Of course, it goes without saying, its nutritional
profile could make any wellness enthusiast weak in
the knees.

lemon moringa latte

Lemon Moringa Latte Recipe

This latte recipe uses ingredients that complement
the natural flavor and qualities of moringa. It is
an energizing alternative to caffeinated lattes,
such as those using espresso or green or black
tea. And while it’s a great morning drink to enjoy
while you read or journal, it could also be a
great midday pick-me-up that won’t leave you with
the lingering effects of caffeine.


4 ounces almond milk, warm
4 ounces filtered water, hot
1 teaspoon moringa powder
2 teaspoons lemon juice
1 teaspoon honey, or to taste
½ teaspoon vanilla
Pinch of bee pollen to top


Heat the water till hot, and stir in the moringa
powder until it dissolves. Blend in lemon juice,
honey, and vanilla. Add warm almond milk and stir
with a spoon to mix, or use a milk frother, whisk,
or blender to increase creaminess and foam. Top
with a pinch of bee pollen.

This latte can be enjoyed by all doshas, though
the properties of moringa are most equipped to
balance kapha dosha. To enhance the vata pacifying
qualities, add a tiny pinch of salt. For a more
tropical, pitta pacifying version, substitute
almond milk with coconut milk, and use maple syrup
instead of honey.



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