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Love Test – Are You Fighting Commitment Or Flowing Into True Love in a Dating Relationship?

If you’re ready to enjoy true love in a committed relationship, find out whether you should change partners or progress to the next level with your special date when you answer each question in this dating chemistry test for commitment:
1 A. Do you and your special date bring out the best in each other in your personal and professional life?
B. Do you feel you’d have to break up if you want to break out and become your best you?

2 A. Would you rather be with your date than anyone else in your romantic life?
B. Do you want to continue meeting and dating a lot of people for fun, or until you meet someone you don’t want to lose?

3 A. Can you say what you want to say and communicate freely about any subject, including the future vision for your relationship?
B. Do you feel you have to walk on eggshells, avoid talking about your feelings for each other, or edit what you’d like to say to keep your date from blowing up or walking out?

4 A. Do you effortlessly spend more and more time together, exploring each others hobbies or doing things that promote conversations and growth?
B. Are you often wondering if and when you will see your date again, since you’re not making future dates or plans?

5 A. Are you meeting each others families and friends, and getting positive approval that you’re a good match?
B. Are you seeing each other privately, because you sense you’d get some flack for dating or you’re not sure where this relationship is heading?

How Did You Score?
*** If you answered YES to one or more of the “B” questions, you most likely have confirmed your suspicions that you are fighting commitment in this dating relationship. What’s causing the resistance?

You may feel stifled. You sense you could have stronger feelings for someone else. Your communication skills or interests may not be a good fit. You may be distracted by dating many people at once, but you don’t feel inspired to see this person exclusively or more often.

These signs of resistance indicate that your dating relationship is stuck; it’s not progressing. It may be an issue of timing that could change. If there’s a lack of compatibility or chemistry, that may not change. How long are you willing to keep things casual to see if things change?

It takes a mutual agreement to make changes that improve your connection. If you don’t foresee the two of you as a united team, then it may be time to cut them loose so you are free to meet a compatible match who shares your values and goals for creating a great relationship with lasting love.

*** If you answered YES to one or more of the “A” questions, you may be flowing freely into true love. As long as you enjoy being together, bringing out the best in each other, enhancing your communication, chemistry and emotional connection, then your natural next step may be a committed relationship. United as a team, you will continue to co-create your unique and special love story.

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