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Affair-Proof Your Relationship – Do You Know The Common Cause And Cure For Infidelity?

Do you want to be faithful and enjoy committed, passionate relationship? If so, you’re like most adults who marry or enter a long term relationship. Yet surveys reveal that 30% to 60% of men and almost 40% of women in relationships will be unfaithful at some point.

If you’d like to avoid the risks and temptations of affairs, you need to know the common cause of infidelity and take three steps to affair-proof your relationship and keep the passion alive.

What is the common cause of infidelity?

Loneliness. The initial rush of Cupid’s cocktails that bonds couples together eventually wears off–often when you deal with mundane duties and deadlines of daily life. That’s when it’s easy to drift apart, feel lonely and look for excitement or fulfillment outside of your relationship.

You or your mate may not resist the temptations that threaten the power and sanctity of your relationship unless you know and use the cure.

What is the cure for loneliness?

Emotional and physical intimacy. Deepening your intimate connection will rekindle the spark of excitement, revive the spirit of romance and restore a sense of closeness between you and your mate.

If you are bored with each other or focused elsewhere, it will take a more than a leap of faith to repair your relationship. You will need to rededicate yourselves to your relationship and refresh your intimate bonds.


Take three steps to affair-proof your intimate relationship:

1. Stimulate your largest sex organ every day and use it wisely

You may be surprised to learn that your largest sex organ is your brain. This is why mindless physical connections rarely hold your attention.

Are you spending more time in front of a mirror or at the gym than you are reading or seeking answers to important questions about life or what makes your partner happy?

Are you using so much brain power at work that you can’t talk about anything else or fit in tender or erotic thoughts about your beloved?

You need some daily balance in your focus to discover and share some wisdom, improve the content of your conversations and stimulate your sexy brain connection with your mate.

2. Offer one of the greatest acts of love every day

*Listening in total awareness of your beloved is one of the greatest acts of love that can be used daily.
*Expressing your love in ways that your partner understand and values is another. If you don’t know–ask.
*Enhancing the emotional depth of your daily communication with your mate is an act of love when you:

– Share secrets about your hopes and dreams for yourself and your relationship
– Speak from your heart. Love is soft, tender
– Release your hard, rigid feelings or attitudes with a life coach or in your creative or athletic activities
– Learn to fight fairly and resolve conflicts with a passion for progress–without mean-spirited words or actions
– Let go of past stories of negativity
– Speak without words by making a lovely physical connection with your partner each day — holding hands, kissing, – fulfilling sexual desires, sleeping close, touching as a tender gesture of affection and love
– Live fully and joyfully in the present by seeing silver linings, seeking solutions, staying focused on blessings and expressions of love

3. Keep the spark alive

It’s your choice whether you keep the spark of passion alive or let it die. If you’re not dating your mate, it’s time to start now.

*Set aside one night each week for romance, at home or at your favorite entertainment spots.
*Choose dates that don’t cost a dime but boost intimacy now and then, when you cook dinner together and use love tools you’ve gained in steps 1 and 2.
*Practice kindness in all of your interactions with your beloved. The warm feelings this generates will spark the fire of love and keep you and your beloved happily and passionately committed to your relationship.

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Dedicated to your dating and relationship happiness,


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