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Love Test – Are You In A Relationship For The Wrong Reasons?

American couples experience a 50 percent divorce rate for first marriages, which climbs up to almost 70 percent for 2nd and 3rd marriages and up to 90 percent for 4th and 5th marriages.

If you’ve ever suffered through a divorce battle or a bad break up of a relationship, then you may have vowed to avoid that heartbreak in the future. If you want to honor that vow, then you need to enter a relationship for the right reasons.

This Love Test helps you find out if you are in a relationship for the right reasons:

Did you dive into a relationship because you felt too lonely on your own?
Were most of your friends in relationships, so you jumped at your first chance to also be part of a couple?
Did you feel like you were missing something important by being single, so you committed to a partner to fill an inner void?
Were you looking for a financial bailout from a man or woman who could afford to take care of you?
Did you escape a miserable childhood home or stressful living situation by hooking up with a partner who might make you happy?
Did you want a confidence boost to prove you were attractive?
Did you see your partner for what they could be rather than accept them for who they are right now?
Did you feel so much sexual chemistry and you feared you’d never find it again?
Did you ignore your gut feelings that told you to back away as you entered the relationship anyway?

How did you score?

If you answered YES to one or more of these questions, then you may be in a relationship for the wrong reasons.

Loneliness, peer pressure, running from problems, ignoring your intuition, wishful thinking, confusing great sex with love or looking for someone else to make you feel fulfilled are not healthy reasons to commit to a partner.

Chances are high that your relationship is not on the happiness track. And it won’t be until you make some changes.

What changes?

Take full responsibility for solving your own problems, fulfilling your dreams and falling in love with yourself and your life. Healthy self love attracts love like a love magnet and magnetizes your great love to you.

If you answered NO to these questions, then chances are high that you have solved your personal problems and created a happy life for yourself while you were single.

Since like attracts like, you will attract or you’ve chosen a partner who was equally happy in their single life and ready to create a happy relationship with you.

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Love deeply and live your dreams now,

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