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Love Test – Want to Get Fired From Your Marriage Or Make Your Mate Happy Every Day?

Let’s say that you’re running a successful business with a great team of associates. A secret of success is in knowing that your associates could work anywhere they want and in giving them a reason to choose to work for you and your company every day, instead of working for anyone else.

Does this success secret apply to relationships?

Absolutely. A secret of relationship success is in knowing that your mate could fire you and be with someone else. It is your job to re-recruit them every day and give them a reason to choose to love you and honor your relationship, instead of loving another partner.

How do you re-recruit your mate every day?

By accepting that it’s not about you. It’s more about the team that you form with your partner. It’s about creating a great WE instead of two great ME’s.

By creating a foundation of fun. This keeps you bonded in tough times because it’s too wonderful and exciting to give up.

By using your love skills to solve issues and stay marketable. This convinces your partner that you are the most desirable love match and the best person to form successful partnership with them.

By agreeing on a vision for your relationship that is greater than you or your partner could accomplish individually. Setting goals and choosing attitudes and actions that help you achieve them lead you to relationship success and happiness.

How can singles use this philosophy to recruit your best love match?

Decide what qualities you are looking for in a life partner and choose someone with 80 % or more of those qualities who also shares your vision for a successful relationship.

What qualities lead to relationship success?

It depends on what’s important to you long term. Consider qualities like curiosity, honesty, passion, sense of humor, energy levels, positive performance in relationships, smart love skills, what they do for fun, willingness to take a risk for love and similar views of what makes a relationship great.

When you are dating, you can ask questions around each of those qualities, like “What’s the greatest risk you ever took for love and would you do it again?” Or “What do you do when something upsets you?”

Then listen closely to their answers and watch if their words are supported with consistent action. Someone may say they’re responsible. Yet if they often ask you to come to their rescue, financially or emotionally, then their actions tell you the real truth. Your best match will share your vision of a successful relationship and choose words, actions and attitudes that support it.

What if you’re in a relationship and you’ve stopped re-recruiting your mate every day?

If you expect them to stay with you because your married, there’s a 50 percent chance you’re wrong because that’s the divorce rate for first marriages. It’s much higher for multiple marriages.

Do you want to get fired from your marriage?

If you’re still reading, I assume you’d like to improve your relationship by re-recruiting your mate every day.

If you’re feeling overlooked and under-appreciated or if you’re taking your mate for granted, the good news is that you can change course today. You can learn new love skills and take new actions every day that give your partner exciting reasons to love you and dedicate themselves to you and your relationship.

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Love deeply and live your dreams now,

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