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Love Test – Do You Know How To Burn In The Fire Of Love?

Do you ever guard your heart because you’re afraid to get burned by love?
Do you spend a lot of time in solitary activities while you long to find love or spark passion in your existing relationship?
Do you do everything you can to keep life calm and safe so nobody gets upset?
Do you ever dream of riding the waves of sexual pleasure and feeling one with your lover in the sea of love?
Do you know what’s stopping you from finding a lover or loving freely and deeply in your romantic relationship?

Your answers to this Love Test reveal avoidable fears, limiting beliefs and behaviors that are common blocks to love.

Would you like to break through your love blocks? Are you willing to drop your heart armor for amore, or do you need a little nudge?

You’re about to find the tender spot in your heart that frees you to become an open-hearted lover.


You feel your fear and step into the Fire Of Love anyway.

Stepping into the fire of love does not mean that you take reckless risks or allow yourself to be burned in a hurtful relationship. It means you become a good lover of your life and supporter of your own well being before you either find a lover or stoke the fire of passion in your current relationship.

How do you step into the Fire of Love?

You simply free yourself from the pain of guarding your heart. Do you find it hard to believe that your heart armor can melt in the Fire of Love? Consider the alternatives.

If you’re holding back and playing it safe with your dates or in a long-term relationship, how is that working for you?

Does it feel exciting to bury issues that irk you or deny yourself the joy that fires up every cell in your body? Or does this cause you pain and disappointment that something’s missing in your love life?

When you deny any emotions or issues that arise, you douse the fire of love. When you deal with emotions or issues as they arise, you spark the fire of love–thanks to a magical fuel known as kind-hearted honesty.

Instead of denying feelings or facts that may keep you isolated, you can choose to face them honestly and embrace them with a kind heart. Loving someone in good times and bad means loving someone, warts and all. This includes loving all parts of yourself.

With healthy self love you reach out tenderly to people in your life and let yourself know and be known, love and be loved. You choose to stay open to love, trusting that your heart is meant to soften in love and bounce back from heartbreak. The only risk is not exercising your heart in the Fire Of Love in any relationship.

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Dedicated to your dating and relationship happiness,

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