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Love Test – Do You Know Why Adversity is Good For Your Dating Relationship?

I started dating again while I was recovering from my painful divorce battle, so I wanted to learn from joy in a dating relationship. Are you also seeking a blissful, issue-free romantic connection? Do you ever run at the first sign of adversity, like I did? I’d like to help you reconsider this reaction when you see the bright side of a real-life Love Test.

Do you know why a little adversity is good for your dating relationship?

Adversity not only builds character, it also reveals it. When you or your date are placed under a little pressure or in an awkward position, you often get a glimpse of real character that lives beneath the mask of our public personality.

It’s good to see your date’s authentic personality surface when you watch them deal with daily stress and handle issues relating to money, child-rearing, an ex-spouse, food and alcohol choices, even getting through a traffic jam.

Why deal with real issues if you’re just dating for fun or to heal your heartbreak after a big break up?

It’s important to be clear about your dating goals and make sure that yours are in sync with your date’s at the start of a dating relationship.

If you’re both in it for fun, there’s no need to face reality because you’re simply enjoying a fleeting romance.

If you are dating with the goal of finding a true partner and creating a healthy relationship with lasting love, then you may welcome real-life Love Tests like adversity that reveal true character. This is how you truly get to know and love the person you are dating.

We call this Soulful Dating in our online community. It is a great opportunity to face real love tests and learn love lessons that promote personal growth and couple growth in a soulful dating relationship.

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Dedicated to your dating and relationship happiness,

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