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Great Sex – Do You Know How to Turn a Ho-Hum Lover Into a Hummer?

Many couples are bored by the same old sex or the lack of sex in their romantic relationship. If you’re bored, it simply means you’re making boring choices. No more blaming your partner. You or your partner may be the ho-hum lover who could turn into hummer as soon as you make one change in your sex life tonight.

What change will light your sexual fire?

See your romantic relationship with new eyes. The trouble in your sex life will improve as soon as you improve the trouble in your whole relationship.


A lack of sexual fire or desire can mean resentment, loss of trust, respect or interest in your partner. It can be a symptom of fatigue from overwork, illness or a medical problem that interferes with sexual function and libido.

Can you spot the underlying cause of trouble in your relationship?

Once you identify it, you can take corrective actions which improve your sex life as a bonus.

What corrective actions?

It is wise to seek integrative medical treatments, exploring allopathic, energetic and holistic remedies for medical issues that interfere with sexual fulfillment. A great sex life is a sign of optimal health.

You may eat more whole foods, get more exercise, breathe deeply to ease your stress and give thanks for your good health.

When you see emotional blocks to love and passion in your relationship, you can work through the blocks and rebuild trust, respect, enthusiasm and desire between you and your partner. You also can add some excitement to your relationship.


Change your routines:

Meet in a motel for afternoon delight.
Take a couples massage class and use the techniques to unwind each night.
Set boundaries: No commands, demands or reprimands.
Spice up your pillow talk by reading erotica out loud
Surprise your partner with sex toys
Explore new lovemaking positions

What change will you make to spark up your sex life tonight?

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Love deeply and live your dreams now,

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