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Love Test – How Do You Become A Love Master?

There is a new field of study that every human being can master and enjoy. In the same way you learn new skills to become a cubmaster, a web master, a concert master or a Zen master, you now can learn new skills to become a Love Master.

A Love Master is traditionally considered to be our enlightened prophets throughout history. Now two authors and love coaches from California have redefined the term as a call to action for every man woman and child.

According to Dr. Scott and Shannon Peck, a Love Master is highly skilled in loving oneself, greeting others with love, creating intimacy, expanding love, creating peace, healing with love and leaving a trail of love when parting.

In their book, Love Skills for Global and Personal Transformation, Secrets Of A Love Master, the Pecks write that whenever you are being cherished, empowered, and honored by another person, you are in the presence of a Love Master. Whenever you are expressing these qualities, then you are living as a Love Master yourself.

How do you become a Love Master?

There is a new Love Test with one essential question.
The old Love Test question used to be, “How can I find or get more love?”
The new Love Test question inside the heart of each Love Master is, “How loved do you feel in my presence?”

This new view of living our lives as the Presence of Love changes us and our world. By practicing being the Presence of Love, we allow Love to move in and through us and spill out to others.

When you are in the presence of Love, everyone feels it. Living as the Presence of Love unifies and connects hearts and brings transformation – both personally and globally.

Here are other essential Love Test questions to consider:

*Think of the people you love – your mate, children, friends, and family members. Do they feel the Presence of Love when they are with you?

*Think of all the people at your workplace, your organizations, the stores you visit, and all the people you pass in life. Do they feel the Presence of Love when you pass through their lives?

* Think of all the people in your life and ask yourself a new question. How loved do I feel in the presence of others?

*Think of yourself for the final question on this Love Test. How well do you love yourself?

Your answers to these Love Test questions reveal whether you are being and feeling the Presence Of Love in your relationships with others and yourself. Genuine love flows equally in both directions.

Dr. Scott and Shannon Peck explain that becoming a Love Master creates a powerful flow of love that nourishes others, enriches our own soul, and attracts the most loving people to us.

How does this news affect singles seeking their best love match?

The Pecks write that the fastest way to meet the right love mate is to become a Love Master. It may seem like a paradox – because a Love Master seeks to give, not receive. But it is really the most profound of spiritual laws – loving well brings you into the heart of all Love.

Now that singles and couples understand what it means to become a Love Master, you may recognize the importance of surrounding yourself with people who honor and empower you with love.

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