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Love Test – How Do You Develop 10 Sexy Qualities Of A Green Lover?

Is your carbon footprint greater than your heart print? If you don’t know what that question means or if you’d like to correct your answer, you may want to learn how to do a greenover of your love life. This Love Test gives you 10 ways to create sustainable pleasure in your intimate relationship with your lover and mother earth.

Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Sexy, Green Lover?

1. Do you shower with your lover as an eco-friendly way to reduce your water usage?

2. Do you make love on organic sheets or in the back seat of your hybrid car?

3. Do you avoid petroleum-based massage oils and choose organic, plant-based oils and lubricants?

4. Do you give each other flowers from your farmers market — locally grown without pesticides — instead of buying blooms shipped across the world?

5. Do you inspire desire with organic aphrodiasiacs like dark chocolate — nature’s source of Cupid’s Cocktail known as PEA which your body produces when you fall in love?

6. Do you make love in the light of bees wax candles, which don’t burn off toxic chemicals, as you generate enough body heat to keep you warm on chilly nights?

7. Do you use biodegradable condoms made of latex instead of polyurethane, and enjoy safe sex toys made without toxic phthalates?

8. If you’re in an airborne affair, do you buy carbon offsets to lessen the environmental blow of long-distance dating? If the affair ends, do you recycle your ex lover to a friend who may be a better love match?

9. Do you dine in green restaurants and hire green contractors to build or renovate your love nest?

10. Did you meet your green lover at a local farmer’s market or did internet Cupids help you make an eco-friendly love match on a dating site?

Now that you know ten qualities of a sexy green lover, will you spice up your love life with some green pleasure tonight?

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