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Love Test – What's The Greatest Risk On Your Path To Love?

Whether you’re single and seeking your love match or you’re hoping to improve an existing relationship, there is one great risk you face on your path to love.

What is the greatest risk?

Playing it safe. That is how you risk missing the profound experience of genuine, passionate love.

What are the symptoms of playing it safe?

Find out when you take this Love Test:

Do you:

* search for security and peace of not rocking the boat with a date or mate?
* run from the possibility of feeling afraid or needy, of being hurt again or of experiencing romantic bliss with your partner?
* look for red flags to justify staying protected and isolated from a partner?
* hold back your secrets, stories, dreams, desires or expressions of love so your partner never knows the real you?
* believe you’d rather be right than happy?
* change the subject to avoid feeling uncomfortable?
* reach the brink of love and balk rather than take the leap?
* judge your feelings or reject your gut instincts?
* detach emotionally and feel drained of energy and joy?
* build a case against a relationship at the first sign of fear, anxiety or confusion?
* blame others for your lack of love or happiness?

How did you score?

If you answered NO to any of these questions, you know where you are NOT playing it safe in a dating or long-term relationship.


* You are aware of scary emotions that appear and pass like scattered clouds shading the sun’s light.
* You know you are that luminous light, and you choose a partner who appreciates your radiance.
* You discount the voice of your inner critic who warns that loving someone isn’t worth the pain that comes from disappointments.
* You know that you deserve to love and be loved truly, deeply, passionately.
* You reveal the authentic you with kind-hearted honesty in your interactions with your date or mate.
* You let go of past conclusions of how you or a beloved will behave in a relationship and see your new relationship with fresh, clear eyes.
* You connect in ways that energize you and your partner.
* You take full responsibility for your own happiness.
* You would rather risk breaking your heart by loving completely than building a wall around your heart which keeps you safe and isolated.

If you answered YES to any question on this Love Test, then you now know where and how you are playing it safe. You also know the alternate choice you can make as a way to stay on your path to genuine love.

Ideally, you’ll use these smart Love Tips to enrich your relationship. Let us know how it works for you by sharing your story in the comment box after this post.

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Love deeply and live your dreams now,

Hadley Finch

instead of acting upon a driving desire to love and be loved, know and be known, warts and all, no matter what challenges arise;

You hold back your life stories and secrets

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