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Love Test – Why Do Smart People Become A Fool In Love?

Ever wonder why a high IQ may not protect you from being a fool in love or failing in your romantic relationships? Researchers have found that your IQ is not the best measure of your potential for successful relationships. A better predictor is your EQ.

If you experience roller-coaster drama in frustrating and failing relationships, it is a sign you have a low EQ. Fortunately, you can change that–once you learn how to raise your EQ and use smart Love Tips to create happy relationships.

What is your EQ?

It is your emotional intelligence quotient. This term was coined in the early 1990’s, introduced in a medical journal by John Mayer, Ph.D. and Peter Salovey, Ph.D.

In 1995 emotional intelligence became a hot topic due to the psychologist, Dr. Daniel Goleman, and his book, Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ.

How do these experts test your EQ?

Your EQ measures your ability to understand your emotions and the emotions of others and to act appropriately based on this understanding.

What are signs of a high EQ?

Do you have empathy for others?
Do you stand up for your beliefs in a tactful and respectful way?
Do you get the whole picture before you react, without jumping to conclusions?
Do you set your personal boundaries and honor them?
Do you make decisions and life choices that support your well being?
Do you communicate well with your loved ones, using good listening skills as well as expressing your opinions in ways that consider the feelings of others?

How did you score?

If you answered YES to these questions, you have a high EQ. Chances are high that you already enjoy happy relationships.

If you answered NO to one or more of these questions, this measures where you are right now. You may be frustrated in many of your relationships because of a low EQ.

Can you change your EQ?

Fortunately, researchers and neuroscientists report that your brain is resilient and you can choose new thoughts and behaviors throughout your life.

You can raise your EQ when you learn to identify and take responsibility for your emotions and how they impact your relationships.

What if you don’t take responsibility for your emotions?

Your EQ can decrease and cause more dysfunction and failure in your relationships.

Ultimately, it is your choice whether you continue to identify and improve emotional issues that block success and happiness in relationships.

Would you like to try a few smart love tips to improve your EQ?

*Enjoy daily activities that ease stress in your life, including exercise, meditation, prayer, music, laughter.
*Reach out to people and make new friends by taking a course or joining a club.
*Read books and join support groups that help you raise your emotional intelligence.
*Improve your communication skills in online courses or with a life coach as your guide.
*Join an anger management program to let go of draining and destructive negativity.

While you work on you to raise your EQ, be sure to ask people in your life to be patient and give you a fresh chance to improve your personal and romantic relationships.

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