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Online Dating Advice – Dating Profiles Don't Need Photos To Find Love?

Online dating reality is ignored in an Australian article which suggests that men don’t need to post a photo in your dating profile, because you will convey that you’re attractive and confident by the words you use to describe yourself. The WhitSundayTimes article concludes, “A FLATTERING picture may get a man noticed – but women can spot ugly men on online dating sites just by reading their profiles.”

I agree with researchers’ findings that women can tell how kind, confident, intelligent, funny or humorous a man is from his choice of words in his dating profile. Yet the researchers overlooked this vital online dating reality:

Most dating profiles without photos are instantly passed over in online searches. This is true for men and women who can screen out profiles without photos before doing a search. This means you become invisible on dating sites if you don’t post a photo, so it’s highly unlikely anyone will bother to read your profile to discover the qualities you’ve revealed in it.

Why do single men and women decide not to post a photo on dating sites?

I’ve observed a common excuse in the dating site I created for positive, successful singles who believe in great love. These accomplished singles say they have a high-profile career, and they know people will recognize them in a photo. So they want to remain incognito while they search for a match and offer to send a photo privately to potential partners.

This process only works well when you pro-actively search for your match and attempt to open communication with them. The risk is that a match won’t open or respond to your email, if you don’t post a photo. That’s how the dating game is played. No photo, no interest–unless you can convince someone to seriously consider your e-note of introduction.

What’s another common reason men and women don’t post a photo?

Lack of confidence. You may feel you don’t look as healthy or sexy now as you did in the past. This tempts people to post old photos to attract someone’s interest. I do not recommend this dating strategy, unless you want someone to be disappointed when they meet you in video chats or in person and you look vastly different from your photo.

If you want to find love, I recommend that you post your best photo of how you look right now. Your best current photo may be rejected by matches in online searches, and that’s a good thing. You want to find love with someone who knows and likes the person you are today. Ideally you will bring out the best in each other in a dating relationship and develop a solid foundation for a lasting love.

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Get the red-hot love life you deserve,

Hadley Finch

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