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NBC-TV Casting Call – Want to Reveal A Crush On A Friend?


Have you fallen for someone unexpectedly?

Has a friendship blossomed into something more but you don’t think the other person has taken notice?

Are you dying to know if they feel the same way too?

Steve Harvey will help you express your feelings the right way!
Please e-mail Steve’s producers ASAP at [email protected]
with your interest and include:

– Your name
– Age
– Phone number
– E-mail
– Location – Occupation / Professional Title
– At least 3 RECENT photos with at least one full length photo

This is a national TV show, with a travel budget. So don’t let geography stop you from revealing your crush. If interested, reply via email today: [email protected]

What if Steve Harvey helps you reveal a crush on a friend, and you find out they feel the same about you?

Can you imagine a more exciting way for a friendship to catch fire into a romance?
If interested, email Steve’s producers now at [email protected]

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