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Need a Vacation? Enjoy 5-Star Vacations at Wholesale Prices For Singles And Couples

I’ve experienced the joys of romantic travel vacations with my husband throughout our long, happy marriage. I’ve also experienced unexpected challenges of traveling solo after my divorce, when I was injured during my trip to Asia and I had to depend on the kindness of my Muslim caregivers to get back to America safely. That’s when I recognized the safety and social benefits of traveling with like-minded adventurers, and I researched how you can get group discounts on luxury vacations to the best destinations on earth. Find out how you can enjoy 5-star vacations on a shoestring budget in this summary of my radio interview with global travel expert, Wes Melcher, during my show, A Lasting Love.

HF: Work demands or financial challenges can stop us from taking a vacation. Yet studies prove that a good vacation can prevent burnout at work, strengthen marriages, promote greater health and inspire creativity at work and at home. You’ve trained 40,000 travel experts how to give us the benefits of luxury travel vacations at irresistible prices. Give us an example that will inspire us to pack our bags today.

WM: How about a romantic trip to Rome, Italy? A four day-three night stay at 4 star hotel is $298 per person. It includes a welcome party at your hotel to meet other people on the trip.

If you’re single, you can use our roommate finder system to find someone to share the cost of a room. Or pay a single supplement for your private room while you enjoy the social benefits of traveling with a group and having your travel plans made for you.

HF: I like to golf, yet I rarely block enough time away from work to play at home. Do you offer golf vacations with evening entertainment options?

WM: We offer golf trips with great spa activities for non golfers. Consider a Charity golf tourney with celebrities and pro athletes at Mission Hills. This trip includes your golf, greens fees plus 4 days and 3 nights at a 4-star hotel for $699 per person. Golf alone usually costs $200 per round, so it’s a great travel value.

Or enjoy a golf outing in Las Vegas which includes 2 rounds of golf, a VIP entertainment pass for discounts on dinner and show tickets, four days-three nights for a cost of $383/person. Food and gambling are extra.

HF: Do you ever design trips exclusively for single men and women?

WM: Our singles cruises are popular because you get to know the same people on board during the whole trip. Singles also enjoy destinations like Amsterdam, a party city, at a cost of $169 for four days and 3 nights.

Singles like our adventure-eco tours to Macchu Pichu and Costa Rica, as well as our Volun-tourism trips. Recently we went to Guatemala through a non-profit called “Hug it forward.” We spent four days building a school followed by 3 days of luxury relaxation. Volunteer trips give you a chance to experience what life is really like in these cities. Volunteer trips are great for your children, too. We base our Membership on travel usage for the family.

HF: So you have to become a member of your travel program to get these bulk travel discounts?

WM: You join our membership program to get bulk buying discounts like you get at Costco or Sam’s Club. We negotiate with travel vendors on your behalf, so you don’t have to stress out by planning vacations. We set up the trip and give it to you at a wholesale price with zero markup on trips. So your minimum savings on a weekend getaway is between $200 to $600, and you can save a thousand or more on a longer trip. That’s why our members take four times more vacations each year than the average American.

HF: What is the cost of membership in this wholesale travel club?

WM: Many travel clubs cost $5000, $10,000 or more to join. We wanted set up a bulk concept that’s more affordable, so you pay a one-time initiation fee of $199, plus a monthly fee of $25. A great part of our program is that you can earn a free membership, if you refer 4 people to join. Your member fees are more than recouped in the savings you get in wholesale-priced travel. So it’s the perfect way to travel the world in today’s rocky economy.

HF: Are these wholesale travel deals just for Americans or for people world wide?

WM: All of our trips are set up for members in America and in 12 different countries. So you meet people from all over the world when you go on our trips. The more you travel the more you save. And you can cancel your membership at any time.

HF: I assume these wholesale prices don’t include air fare, correct?

WM: Some trips don’t include air fare, because we have members coming from Europe, Canada and across the US. Our research tells us most members like to use their air miles to get to our destinations.

We also offer packages that include air fare from gateway cities when it makes sense. Our trip to China includes air fare out of LAX or San Francisco because that’s where a lot of Asia flights originate and it’s easy for us to orchestrate. We also include flights from New York or Chicago on some of our trips to Europe. All of our trips show exactly what’s included, so there are no hidden fees and no surprises.

HF: What’s included in your trip to China?

WM: We include 10 days-9 nights accommodations at the best hotels in each city, round trip air fare, taxes, visa fees, and some meals for $2,400 per person. We may only have 50-60 people filling one tour bus on this more expensive trip to China. While we may have 1400 people staying in the highest rated hotel in Punta Cana or Cabo San Lucas for a week’s stay at $417 per person. Then we offer optional excursions for deep sea fishing, golf, white water rafting or zip lining. We offer all excursions at cost, with zero markup like the rest of our dream trips.

HF: What’s considered the most romantic getaway that you offer?

WM: We do many trips to the city of love–Paris, France. A 4-day, 3 night getaway is $299, including breakfast daily and a 19th Century Historic hotel near the Louvre.

HF: That’s a lot of flight time for a weekend getaway. What if you want to extend your stay?

WM: You usually can get the dream trip wholesale price if you add extra nights when you book your dream trip.

HF: Do you ever offer any last minute deals on trips or only long-term planning throughout the year?

WM: We often have amazing last-minute deals available, and we send out notices to members by text messages. It’s another way we make sure you take the vacation of your dreams. You can get details on dream trips at wholesale prices at http://www.DreamTravelAtDreamPrices.com

HF comments: I encourage couples to make your relationship a priority and have some fun together on a dream vacation at wholesale prices. If you’re dating someone, you can find out how well you travel together on a dream trip. How well do you get along without distractions of duties or deadlines? Can you talk through your differences? Can you laugh together if things don’t go your way? If so, you could be a great match. If not, you’ve saved yourself months of dating to find out that you don’t get along. So you can part as friends and find a more compatible match.

If you’re single, you can enjoy dream travel at dream prices with adventurous singles whom you’ll meet in our new dating site. Find travel companions in our forum or enjoy a romantic getaway with your new love match from TribeOfSingles.com As my gift, the first 1000 singles who sign up get a free membership in our dating site (value: $97/month)

Get the red-hot love life and travel vacations you deserve,

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