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Online Dating. Singles Identify Serial Daters, Dating Pioneers and Love Outlaws With This Love Test

Are you seeking love online and hoping to create a committed relationship with lasting love? This Love Test will help you identify and avoid serial daters–also known as dating pioneers.

What is a dating pioneer?

A dating pioneer is a single man or woman who begins a series of brief dating relationships, often after the break up of their marriage or long relationship.

Dating pioneers are in constant pursuit of greener trails–meaning new dating partners and pleasures. They are not satisfied by the one they are with, secretly finding flaws or imagining someone better on their dating horizon. They run from talk of love or commitment like a love outlaw.

How do you identify a dating pioneer?

Dating pioneers often are charming, attractive and successful. They have been in a long relationship or marriage, and they may present themselves as a prime candidate for another long-term relationship. They may desire this on some level, but their pursuit of a series of new dating pleasures seems to be a stronger driving force during their pioneer phase.

Can you change a pioneer’s dating habits?

You may believe that your love and the wonders of you can cast a magical spell that makes a pioneer happy to settle down. Many dating pioneers do become settlers again, feeling happy at home on the range in a committed relationship.

How long does this transformation take?

There is no timetable after a big break up or guarantee that a dating pioneer will stop running from love or seeking a varied menu of carnal pleasures.

Are you willing to be their feast?

This is the only question you need to ask yourself in your Love Test for dating pioneers, before you get involved.
Is a pleasurable meal that comes with break up pain as dessert a good diet for your well being?

Answer YES. You may be in the phase of a dating pioneer. It may be temporary. This depends on your chosen path of personal growth. What love lessons do you choose to learn through dating?

Answer NO. If you are seeking a daily diet of lasting love in a committed relationship, give your date this Love Test. Either on your first date, or in early emails, in video or phone chats before you agree to meet, tell your date the kind of relationship you desire. Ask if they share your dream. Then pay attention to their response.

Remember, a dating pioneer often runs from any talk of love and commitment. That’s why they’re easy to spot and avoid. They are the love outlaws who never lie.

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