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Must Pass A Dating Traffic Test? Online Dating Tips VIDEO

How do you test your short and long term potential with a date?

Notice your gut reaction when you ask yourself a couple key questions that are proposed by
Tim Urban, founder of WaitButWhy.com in this Video Interview.

I agree with Tim Urban’s suggestion to call “online dating” by a more accurate name: “Online Meeting” — because you may meet online, but you still date face to face. I often warn singles who meet online that NOTHING IS REAL until you meet.
Your goal is to meet quickly, so you don’t waste valuable time emailing your life story and you avoid falling in love at the speed of write.

I created the only dating site, that lets you meet in safe, private Video Dating Chats, so you can see each other as you are today, so you hear each others voices and read body language and behavior, so you can activate your BLINK FACTOR to discover your gut reaction to a match and decide if you’d like to get on a plane or go to a local coffee shop to meet in person. You must see each other to activate all of your sensory awareness, discover your true gut reaction, create a real connection with a match.

Check out Tim Urban’s dating tips in this popular video. Share your gut reaction in the comment box below, and I’ll respond personally to you!
Get all the love and happiness you desire,
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