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Great Lovers Copy Love Masters? Happy Sexy Love VIDEO

Picasso Copied Masters To Create His Original Style

Great lovers aren’t born knowing how to love. You develop love skills by copying the love masters, using their love toolkit to build a happy, sexy love life.

Great lovers are like the great artists throughout history, who weren’t
born knowing how to paint.

Pablo Picasso’s unique style was so original that many people assume
he was born with his passion for a paintbrush. Not true.

We know that Picasso developed this passion because he trained to paint each day,
beginning at age 7, under the guidance of his painter father.

That meant meticulously copying the masters, drawing from live models,
painting with oils, and learning to sculpt.

Only after years of training, learning, perfecting his ability
to copy the masters, was Picasso, or any great artist, able to expand the How To
of what they learned to create their own original style.

Do Great Lovers also need years of Copying Love Masters? How can lovers speed up your learning curve?

* Most of us aren’t as fortunate as Picasso, to have parents who teach us from age 7 how to love and be loved by their example and daily training.

* If your parents had a blissfully-happy relationship and grew even closer while facing life’s challenges, you are wise to copy their love secrets and programming to create a happy, sexy love built to last.

* If your parents had a difficult, frustrating relationship that ended badly, you may unwittingly copy their attitudes and programming that sabotages love and marriage in your life. Are you stuck in this unhappy rut?

* Absolutely not. You can change this. You can choose happy, sexy love programming and love tools that build the life and relationship you love, starting today.

* You can start doing what works and stop doing what doesn’t. How do you know the difference?

Start copying the love masters. Start using their love toolkit to:

* use the best fighting skills for happy relationships
* bounce back from setbacks
* bring out the best in each other
* revive romantic fun, passionate intimacy and undying devotion with your partner.

What if you want to do this, but your partner doesn’t?

It works solo. Using the love toolkit of the masters changes your behavior in wonderful ways, which naturally brings out better behavior in your partner.

Happy sexy love is contagious. Try it and see how they catch it.

Before you get started, you need one more thing. You need a strong, passionate WHY to propel your progress. How do you find your passionate WHY?

Discover how to get a universal power law working for you, instead of against you:

“What you think about, you bring about in life and love.”

This means you can change your thinking to change your actions and results in life and love.

What’s your big WHY to make this change?

Health and longevity studies and statistics prove that happy couples tend to stay healthier and outlive unhappy couples or singles.

Do you want to live a long, healthy life in a happy relationship?
Want to be the best love role model for your children?
Want to go to sleep and wake up feeling happy and loved, no matter what your outer circumstances?
Want to get all the love, passion, health and happiness you desire and deserve?
Want to be love and be the light in the world?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you may have found your big WHY,
your big reason to transform your life and relationship with yourself, your partner
and everyone you hold dear.

This doesn’t happen by accident. It doesn’t show up in your life, like magic.
It takes passion and practice in copying the love masters, using their love tools
to paint the life and relationship you love.

If Picasso were all passion, no practice, he would have sabotaged his passion, talent and ability
to be a uniquely great artist.

Don’t sabotage your own passion, talent and ability to be a great lover.
Don’t settle for a dull, frustrating love life any longer.
Discover how to enjoy using the love toolkit of happy couples
to be a great lover and create the life and relationship you love, starting right now.

I’m happy to help you get all the love and happiness you desire,

Hadley Finch

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