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Positive People Unite — How To Form A Tribe Around An Attitude

Ever wonder what makes us form a Tribe? We’re motivated by a sociological principle known as homophily, which means like-minded people tend to value the same things. It’s a natural law of physics that like attracts like. That’s why we attract people and life partners who are on our own wavelength.

Positive, successful, happy people like to be around people who share these attitudes and action plans. They won’t choose to be with people who are stuck in a rut of negative thinking and destructive actions. They choose their tribe of supportive friends who bring out the best in each other.

What if you are positive, yet your family or friends drag you down? Can you change them or attract uplifting people into your life?

The only person you can change is yourself. If you want to attract people with positive qualities into your life, you can make these changes in yourself:

Strengthen your strengths so your weaknesses lose power.
Revive your dreams and take action on them every day.
Remember the love and love lessons so your sad old stories can’t drag you down.
Be vigilant in choosing positive thoughts and actions to break any negative habits.
Recharge your health, fitness and whole-foods diet so you feel energetic and enthusiastic every day.
Spend most of your time with people who inspire, motivate and support the best in you.

Does this mean you close the door on negative family or friends?

It’s not in your best interests to be around a tribe of negative, destructive people. The less time you spend with them, the healthier and happier you will be.

How do you turn down invitations or avoid hurting their feelings?

You can tell them that it’s best if you don’t spend time with them right now. Or say that you feel better when you’re around positive people. No need to mention the reasons why they don’t support or promote your growth, unless they ask you.

They might notice how successful and joyful you are becoming. This might alienate them or trigger some negative comments.

Or it might inspire them to adopt the attitudes and action plans for happiness, success and love. Then you can give them the nudge they need to be an active member to your positive Tribe.

I formed the Tribe Of Blondes and named it after the resilient, positive spirit that unites us, helps us overcome challenges and create great relationships. We’re all born with this spirit. The secret is to keep it alive, with a little help from supportive friends in the Tribe.

How does this attitude affect your love life?

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Love deeply and live your dreams now,

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