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Romantic Rescue – Do You Know How To "Reboot" Your Love Life With 3 Love Tips?

If you’re blissfully happy in your romantic relationship, you’re on the right track–so carry on. If you feel off track or stuck in a dead-end dating or relationship rut, you can change course and start fresh. Find out how to press the reset button and reboot your love life now.

How do you “reboot” your love life?

You can make better choices that attract your great love and spark a lasting Fire of Love in your romantic relationship.

It’s not quite as simple as pressing a Reset Button on your computer. Yet you can start fresh in your dating life or rescue a romantic relationship when you use these 3 Love Tips:

1. Fall In Love Again, With Yourself

Rebirth comes from tears you’ve cried
Sleeping dreams can be revived
You can become what you might have been
Once you fall in love with yourself again –In Love Again

The song, “In Love Again”, reminds you to grow from life’s sorrows and challenges, to revive your dreams and become your best you, to know and love the wonders of you. That’s when you are free to love someone truly, freely and deeply.

2. Strengthen Your Strengths

Take a personal inventory of your best qualities, core values, special talents, loving actions that you bring to a relationship.

Know that your dominant vibration always wins. So rev up your good qualities and send out good vibrations that will attract your great love and spark lasting love in a relationship. In doing so, any weakness loses importance.

3. Connect in Romantic Ways

If you’re single, you can add a spirit of romance to your quest to meet your great love. Speak from your heart and core values when you write your online dating profile, in casual conversations with potential love matches, and when you meet your great love.

You will spark the fire of love in a new or existing relationship when you plan weekly dates that add fun and increase intimacy with your partner.

Special dates don’t have to cost a dime, if you’re creative. I created the Love List Game: Holding your partner’s gaze and speaking tenderly, take turns saying one thing that you love best about your beloved. Hopefully, you’ll have a long list of loving attributes that inspire greater feelings of love. Clothing is optional as you play the Love List Game.

Add tender moments to spark up your daily connection with your partner. A lovely ritual that bonds and relaxes a couple is to sit at either ends of a couch while you massage each others feet and share news of your day.

Will you use these 3 Love Tips to start fresh and spark the Fire Of Love in your romantic relationship?

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Dedicated to your dating and relationship happiness,

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