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Dating a Sexual Pioneer – Do You Know When to Try or Fly From a Risky Dating Relationship?

A sexual pioneer is a newly-single man or woman who can make you feel like you’re the only love in their love life while you’re together; then they bolt in search of greener trails. Learn how to recognize their danger signs. And find out when to try or fly from that risky dating relationship.

What are the danger signs of a sexual pioneer?

A sexual pioneer bolts from a passionate fling at the first talk of love, monogamy, commitment or relationship. When the noose isn’t loose, a sexual pioneer runs.

A pioneer is reluctant to discuss their long relationship that recently ended, often because their pioneer urges and actions may have caused the break up of their marriage or relationship. They escape discomfort or soul searching in a string of sexual encounters.

A pioneer’s greatest challenge is to spark sexual heat on each date with someone they may really like, without burning in the Fire Of Love. They keep their emotions out of sex. It’s often a wild ride, a quick getaway, and no mention of plans to meet again.

A pioneer keeps the romance out of dating. Instead of wining, dining and lovemaking on a dinner date, a pioneer cuts to the chase, often with spicy sex as the appetizer, main course and dessert.

A pioneer may have a reputation of leaving a string of broken hearts behind, especially if recent lovers are bonders who confuse great sex with love.

How does a sexual pioneer differ from a player?

A player tends to be a male serial dater who avoids committed relationships and seeks passionate flings.
A sexual pioneer is a man or woman who has been in a long relationship. After a big break up they often feel a restless void and a sexual hunger that they try to fulfill by dating like the world is about to end.

Often, they tire of this routine and feel a yearning for another committed relationship. That’s when they become a settler who’s content with one love at home on the range once.

What makes a sexual pioneer become a settler once again?

Meeting someone they don’t want to lose. Their former mate may want to reunite. Or it might be a new date
who inspires their desire to rededicate themselves to a happy home life.

When should you try and when should you fly from dating a sexual pioneer?

Sexual Pioneers are exciting, dynamic and often great marriage material. If you recognize the signs that you’re attracted to a sexual pioneer, ask yourself one question:

Are you willing to go out there and break your heart?

If so, you may be able to savor the pleasures of dating a sexual pioneer.

As long as you don’t talk of love and make them run, your sexual chemistry may eventually deepen into emotional intimacy that sparks the Fire Of Love. If that doesn’t happen, move on with your love lessons learned. You’re one step closer to meeting your great love and creating a healthy relationship.

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