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Romantic Rescue – Is Your Sexual Fast Making You Fat And Fatigued?

Researchers report that American couples often spend more time snacking in front of the TV than you spend making love each week. Some couples are stuck in a totally sexless relationship. A lack of sexual activity may make you fat and fatigued. You may get inspired to break your sexual fast when you discover:

15 Health Benefits Of An Active Sex Life

I’ve summarized these health benefits that I’ve gleaned from a report in Self Magazine.

1. Sex 3 times each week lowers a man’s risk of stroke and lowers a woman’s risk of osteoporosis as it maintains her healthy hormone levels.

2. Regular sex makes you appreciate your body and inspires you to eat more nutritious foods.

3. Gain a jolt of joy in weekly sex and reap the same mood elevation as from a big raise or lottery win.
(Scandinavian Journal of Economics)

4. Sex eases headaches in half of the women evaluated in a study at Baylor College of Medicine, Houston. So sex is the antidote to headaches as an excuse for avoiding sex.

5. Sex is a sleep aid. Orgasms release morphinelike hormones that summon post-sex sleep.

6. Sexual activity showers you with oxytocin, the so-called intimacy hormone that bonds women to her babies and to her romantic partner. (Men have lower levels of this bonding hormone than do women.)

7. Gain extra confidence from feeling desired and pleasing your partner sexually.

8. Frequent sex lowers blood pressure, reducing your chance of developing heart disease (says Dr. Daniel Amen, author of Sex On The Brain)

9. Heavy breathing during sex sends oxygen zooming to your brain, liver and vital organs so you fend off fatigue
(says Dr. Amen)

10. Regular sex is one smart move. In the heat of passion, blood surges through the body and brain. Improved blood flow to the brain boosts memory. (says Dr. Amen)

11. Couples who make love weekly see a 30 % hike in immunoglobulin A, an antibody that fights infections & colds. (Study from Wilkes University in PA)

12. Sex twice a week or more can make you look ten years younger, since sex produces human growth hormone which smooths wrinkles and reduces body fat. (David Weeks, Ph.D., co-author of Secrets Of The Super Young)

13. Regular sex creates estrogen which helps women’s hair and skin maintain moisture and stay soft & lustrous. It also speeds up cell repair and wound healing.

14. More Sex, Less Stress. Sex activates the vagal nerve, cause a calming effect. Even a quickie can help you feel cool under stress.

15. Positive, regular sexual experiences extend longevity. (Study from Duke University)

Couples may live longer and love better when you spark sexual passion in your relationship and burn in the Fire of Love again.

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