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Sexy Cocktails – What To Drink With A Date Or Beloved Mate

I’ve created a sexy cocktail called, Tribe Of Blondes Bombshell. Before I reveal my recipe, I suggest you to check out Cosmopolitan magazine’s recipes for the best cocktails to drink this fall

Now you can compare Cosmo’s sexy cocktail recipes with the one I’ve created simply by blending two sensory, surprisingly healthy delights:

Combine a shot or two of Patron Silver Tequila with several ounces of 100 Percent Pomegranate juice (not syrup) and ice.
Shake well.
Serve straight or over ice.
Strain over double rocks or martini glass.

Optional delights:

Add fresh-squeezed lime juice and cointreau licqueur for extra zing.

Enjoy this sexy drink that can even be good for you.


Drinking a couple ounces of pure pomegranate juice each day reportedly prevents plaque from clogging up your arteries.

Drinking a shot of pure tequila is a relaxant that can ease stress of a busy day and help you sleep better. Health researchers have proven that tequila can dissolve fats, reduce cholesterol, optimize cardiac functions and aid digestion.

This could be why you feel a warm glow and a desire for romance as you drink a TribeOfBlondes Bombshell. Drink one with someone you love and…

Get the red-hot love life you deserve,

Hadley Finch

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