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Single And Seeking A Dating Miracle? Attract Your Love Match With A Simple Change In Your Dating Habits

Are you single and seeking love during the holidays? Do you know how to avoid the singles holiday blues and create a dating miracle in the process? Learn how to lift your spirits and attract the love you seek during the holidays and throughout the year–when you make some simple changes in your dating habits.

What are your dating habits?

Do you go on a date hoping to meet The One, and you’re consistently disappointed? Do you present unrealistic Love Tests that only a superhuman could pass? Are you tired of feeling that you’ll never meet the right date or mate? Are you frustrated that a relationship which starts off with promise often fizzles and fails? Do you share your sad old stories with your dates and wonder why you’re not creating fresh new stories with a new love? Would you be willing to change your dating habits if this would help you create a dating miracle?

What is a dating miracle?

A dating miracle has nothing to do with walking on water or changing water into wine to attract or win the love of your ideal date. A dating miracle is what happens inside your heart when you make a conscious emotional shift away from fear, frustration or worry of being alone. Then you welcome renewed feelings of love, connection and wholeness which will attract a like-minded love match like a love magnet.

What if you don’t believe in miracles?

Each day you are presented with miracles you may not recognize. A blizzard, spring blooms, billions of crushed diamonds in the night sky, the smiles of a loved one or passersby, your own two eyes that let you behold this beauty. All miracles.

Thought leaders often say that you are what you are aware of. When you see these miracles you become one with them. If you overlook them, you may feel alone and disconnected, feelings that fuel the singles holiday blues.

What’s the antidote to the singles holiday blues?

Einstein once said that we can see the world as if nothing is a miracle or as if everything is a miracle. Do you see how the latter view can lift the blues? Are you resisting the idea?

How do you see miracles when you’re being battered by the blues?

Instead of focusing on love you’ve lost, you can choose to see and celebrate the love that’s left. Make it a habit to ask yourself how you can see a miracle each day and take appropriate action. Stay awake to the beauty that surrounds you and feel thankful for it. Light a candle and enjoy simple pleasures of the season, including dark chocolate that’s filled with feel-good brain chemicals. Reach out for your supportive old friends and create positive new memories.

What if your old friends aren’t single or supportive?

This is an ideal time to expand your circle of single friends. Join a local singles group. Create your best self portrait, live up to it, and post it on an internet dating site.

There are millions of singles seeking love online and offline. If like attracts like, you will attract a love match who sees life the same way you do.

Be sure to mention in your dating profile or when you meet a date that you are seeking someone who also sees the miracles in each moment. When you make this your new dating habit, you will attract the love you seek and deserve.

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