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Discover A Matchmaking Idea For Singles Who Love Dogs In This Film Review For Singles Seeking Holiday Dating Ideas

Can you guess which holiday movie could present a matchmaking opportunity for singles who love dogs and tender tearjerkers?  The movie is MARLEY AND ME.  In this movie review designed for dating singles, you will discover how the cinematic life story of a rambunctious yellow lab named Marley could help unite single dog lovers across America–assuming you go use the holiday dating idea that concludes this film review.

This review will reveal the film’s ending.  For a good reason.

I’d like to caution single parents who may be seduced by the adorable puppy in the film’s promo to bring young children to meet Marley onscreen. If you do so, be prepared to explain how we deal with feelings of loss after our beloved family pet dies.  Marley’s death scenes include a series of emotional moments that made many adults in the audience sniffle or weep.

Why would I recommend this tender tearjerker as a matchmaking opportunity for dating singles?

Dating singles know the pain of lost love.  Grieving a big breakup can be part of the dating process–each time a significant relationship ends.  When you watch the Grogan family say good-bye to Marley at the end of the film, it will tap into your wellspring of emotion that bubbles up each time you face another episode of lost love.  Don’t you feel better when you get to release some emotional steam in a dark movie theater?

What if you’re single and tired of dating relationships that break up?

You may feel a ray of hope when you watch the devoted couple, John and Jenny Grogan (played with endearing subtlety by Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston) as they work and grow through their career and family challenges–instead of running to divorce court like half of American couples do.

Singles may recognize the relentless pursuit of superficial thrills that drives a playboy co-worker named Sebastian (Eric Dane) from one woman to the next for a dozen years.  If you often feel attracted to a date who can’t connect in meaningful ways, Sebastian may remind you to make better dating choices.

You’ll get some amusing relationship advice from a newspaper editor played with droll charm by Alan Arkin.  It’s refreshing to see him offer career and marital guidance to his pet columnist, John Grogan. John is the ME in MARLEY AND ME, and he turned his newspaper columns into a bestselling book on which the film is based.

Tender and true emotional connections between actors Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston in scenes with their film children and with Marley will open your heart and soften it.  That’s why it’s a lovely time for single dog lovers to meet each other–when your heart is open, even if your eyes are red from emotion after seeing this film. This romantic notion has inspired a matchmaking idea:

Let’s create a singles meeting section in movie theaters across America, so that singles can gather to watch MARLEY AND ME, and then mingle and meet each other after the final credits roll.

Let’s save the back rows in theaters that teenagers used to claim in the old days, for single adults who’d like to see the film and strike up a friendly conversation with like-minded singles who love dogs and sweet movies.

If every single man and woman who reads this idea would start spreading the word to your single friends, this matchmaking idea could catch on and unite single dog lovers across America.  Wouldn’t that make all of our Marley’s very happy.

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