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Singles Seeking Love? Find Out If A Date Is Wrong Or Right For You With 4 Simple Dating Tips

Are you seeking your ideal love match? Do you know how to tell if a date is wrong or right for you? When you meet a date for the first time, the handwriting is always on the wall. Learn how to read the warning signs and choose a date who is right for you when you follow 4 simple dating tips:

1. Do a little detective work on yourself so you can identify your ideal love match

Before you go on another date, figure out the qualities you seek in your ideal love match. What qualities support your well-being in body, mind, spirit? Consider loyalty, honesty, kindness, spirituality, health, emotional and financial security, communication skills, physical chemistry. What other qualities are essential?

Write down the ideal qualities you seek in your ideal love match. The act of writing your ideals and your goals helps you achieve them. It’s a phenomenon that has been tested and proven in many scientific studies.

To attract a match with your ideal qualities, it’s ideal if you possess these qualities because like attracts like. Make choices and take actions every day that boost your ideal qualities in yourself.

2. Choose a date who has your ideal qualities. Avoid dates who don’t.

It’s a simple dating strategy. If you’re seeking your ideal love match, why waste your time and emotional energy with someone who lacks the qualities that create lasting love and happiness?

Are you still wondering how to recognize these ideal qualities in your date?

3. Accept the realities of dating in your stage of life, so your fantasies don’t block you from love.

How important is physical appearance? Do you yearn for youthful beauty to make you feel fulfilled?

If you are dating in your teens and twenties, youthful beauty is a given.

If you start dating again in midlife, after a death of a relationship, then dates your own age may remind you of parents of the kids you used to date in your teens and twenties. Your mid-life dates may notice this about you, too. It’s a reality check. How do you deal with it?

Can you accept the fact that you don’t look 20 or 30 anymore? And that’s okay.

Can see beauty in extra weight, less hair and plenty of laugh lines? If so, you may be delighted by extra passion, enthusiasm, wisdom and life experience that often comes with a date your own age or older.

What if you’re a boomer or beyond, and you are clinging to a desire for youthful beauty?

You may want to date someone younger. Keep your eyes open for inner beauty.

Remember, if you’re seeking love and happiness that endures in a relationship, then inner beauty delivers.

4. Learn to see inner beauty. Choose a date who radiates it. Avoid a date who lacks it.

How do you learn to see inner beauty?

Take a look at your written list of essential qualities in your ideal love match, and keep these qualities in mind when you go on a date.

Ask your date questions about things you value. Notice your gut feelings when you hear the answers.

Look for evasions, contradictions, life views or experiences that make you uneasy. If you sense trouble or conflicting values or behaviors that don’t support your well being, politely decline a second meeting with this date and continue your search.

What if you sense a knowing in your heart, an inner calm and delight, a positive, easy feeling that grows out of essential values and inner beauty?

Your date could be right for you, so definitely suggest or accept an invitation to meet again.

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