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Singles Seeking Love On Maui? Can A Matchmaking Idea Of A Maui Radio Host Unite Singles Across America?

Do you know why it’s difficult for singles to meet, even on an island paradise like Maui? I learned the reasons and a way to change that while I was being interviewed by the Queen Of Fun on her Radio Show in Maui. The Queen of Fun came up with a matchmaking idea that could unite singles from Maui to Maine. I’d like to spread the word.

Witbick Stewart is Maui’s Queen Of Fun.  On November 10th, she asked me to share dating tips on her radio show to inspire Maui singles to get out and meet each other.  She said it’s hard for island singles to meet each other, so many have given up on finding love.  They are content to enjoy Maui sunsets on their own.

“The joy is magnified when you share it with someone you love,” I said. “That dream is what inspired me to join matchmaking sites that help singles meet each other.”

The Queen of Fun understood.  She wanted to give Maui singles a chance to meet.  She decided to host a party for Maui singles on Valentine’s Day, to let them celebrate the day designated for romance.

I saw big potential in her matchmaking idea.  What if other radio hosts followed her lead?   I mentioned this idea in my next interview.

On November 13th, I was interviewed on KXYL 96.9 NewsTalk Radio in Texas.  Mark Cope and Jesse Jones co-host a nightly show called The Other Side Of The News.  They asked me to give their audience dating tips to help singles find love.

When I described the Queen Of Fun’s matchmaking idea, Mark and Jesse imagined a Valentine’s party for Texas singles.  They doubted their radio station would pay for it, but they thought they could broadcast their radio show from the party on Valentine’s night.  No commitments were made. But interest was sparked.

Could we inspire other radio show hosts across America to promote a party to connect singles in their local communities on Valentine’s Day?  Singles could buy their own ticket to this party, and radio stations could broadcast their shows by remote from the party.  Add a D-J and a little speed-dating to the mix, and it could be a hit.

It’s November 14th.  We’ve got exactly three months to make this happen.  I will mention this idea during each radio interview I do to drum up interest.  If you’re single, why not give your favorite radio host a call and suggest they get on board.  Imagine if we all teamed up to unite singles across America on Valentine’s Day.

If you’d like to help us, leave me a note in the comment box below this post.  I look forward to hearing from you!

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