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Soulful Dating Guide – How Do Cupid's Cocktails Inspire Lust, Love Sickness Or Genuine Love?

Humans are hardwired to fall in love with a mate and procreate. When you meet a potential mate who excites you, then your energy perks up, your heart races, and you feel totally alive and turned on. These signs of sexual attraction are caused by a rush of Cupid’s Cocktails–my term for the epinephrine rush of feel-good chemicals that your brain, sympathetic nervous system, pituitary and adrenal glads release when you’re attracted to a potential mate.

Can you trust the power of Cupid’s Cocktails to spark a lasting fire of love in a new dating relationship?

That depends on some common dating scenarios and relationtips which we are about to explore.

What dating scenarios create Cupid’s Cocktails?

Some dating singles can get hooked on a biochemical rush of infatuation, which usually fizzles because you don’t develop a genuine emotional bond before you move on to find a new sexual high with a new partner.

Since these individuals connect to the chemical rush instead of the partner, almost any sexual partner can satisfy their craving for brain-chemicals. Their sexual partners are an interchangeable vehicle to a sexual high.

In my novel, these sexual thrill seekers are called Pioneers–always after greener trails and the rush of new sexual pleasure.

Love sickness is another term for the relentless pursuit of new sexual highs with serial partners, because this behavior harms the immune system. The late Paul Pearsall wrote in his book, Sexual Healing, that hot, reactive sex followed by cool feelings of regret or loneliness can eventually teach our immune system to be as disconnected as we have been in our intimate decisions.

What does it take to experience Sexual Healing?

You begin to experience the benefits of healing sex after you’ve been in a committed relationship, with no secrets and with sexual intimacy at least twice a week for four years. This means that sexual pioneers (aka players) cannot experience the health benefits of sexual healing, at least until they enter and stay in a committed, sexually active relationship for four years.

What other dating scenarios create Cupid’s Cocktails?

Dating couples may fall in lust first, and eventually combine efforts to build an enduring, loving bond in a soulful partnering of body, mind and spirit.

Or couples may connect first as friends, building an tender bond that, when given enough time and attention, can catch fire and spark a lasting fire of love with your partner.

In these two dating scenarios, the healthy bonding of lovers is prompted by a brain chemical known as oxytocin, and to a mutual commitment to create a close intimate connection with your partner. This intense bonding has been proven to boost your immune system and create sexual healing, as if our bodies urge us to love well so we can live healthy lives.

What can turn a sexual pioneer into a settler?

Meeting someone you don’t want to lose and making choices that support your shared commitment to increase intimacy and to nurture each others best health, happiness, trust and love.

Couples who commit to creating intimacy in a happy relationship are called Settlers in my novel. How do settlers stoke the fire of love with one partner through the years?

Since you get more of what you focus on, if you keep your eyes on each others best qualities and you create good chemistry, communication, trust and kindness, then you can remain sexually attracted and deeply in love for a lifetime.

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Love deeply and live your dreams now,

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