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Thrive After Divorce-How To Save Your Cash and Sanity Part 2

You learned to avoid common divorce mistakes that hurt you and your children for decades after divorce in Part 1.  Now you discover how to lower the financial and emotional costs of divorce in Part 2 highlights of my radio conversation for A Lasting Love with two successful divorcees.

Carolyn Ellis, My Divorce Resource Kit (buy at a 30% discount using code: LOVE) and Debbie S. Gibson Make Your Divorce Cost You Less join me in explaining how to see a devastating divorce as the doorway to a great new life.

Hadley:  The cost of divorce is higher than you can imagine, emotionally and financially.  Debbie, how did you decide to help divorcing couples make divorce cost you less?

Debbie:  I read dozens of books to get better informed and make better decisions during my divorce.  The day my divorce was final, my lawyer asked me to write a book to help others get through divorce like I did.

Hadley:  You acted on that advice and wrote the book, How To Make Your Divorce Cost You Less.

Debbie:   I didn’t write it right away.  It wasn’t until I got out there and started meeting people that I realized how much help people need to get through divorce.

Hadley:  What did you discover by interviewing hundreds of people for your book? What is the top thing we can do to save our money and our sanity during the divorce process?

Debbie:  You have a lot more power that you think.  You need to get informed to learn about the divorce process in your state.  When you know what will happen to you, the fear lessens and you make better decisions that affect you now and years from now.
I help you through the process in my book, Make Your Divorce Cost You Less.

Carolyn:  And I help you through it using my divorce resource kit. I give Hadley’s tribe a 30% savings when you enter the discount code: LOVE.   It’s a home study course that solves the top challenges in divorce, including parenting, dealing with your ex, getting emotional balance,
handling finances, getting your personal roadmap to thrive after divorce, and dating again.

Hadley:  It’s good to follow guidance of people who’ve successfully gone through what you’re going through during divorce, so you can model their success secrets. What’s the golden rule of dating after divorce?

Find out in Part 3 highlights of my radio conversation for A Lasting Love with Carolyn Ellis and Debbie S. Gibson. Or listen to the whole conversation now by clicking here.

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Get all the love and happiness you deserve,

Hadley Finch

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