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Wisdom From The Afterlife Part 2 – Communicating With Deceased Loved Ones

In Part 1 you discovered what really happens immediately when we die. And you learned to do a life review to bring peace and closeness to all of your relationships. Now you’ll find out how deceased loved ones give you messages from the other side to help you live your best life now. Are you doubtful?

If you suspend doubts and disbelief for the next few minutes, you will discover how wisdom from the afterlife can transform your life now–in highlights of my radio conversation for A Lasting Love with Karen Noe. She’s a renowned psychic medium, host of Angel Quest radio show and author of Through The Eyes Of Another: A Medium’s Guide To Creating Heaven On Earth By Encountering Your Life Review Now.

HF: How did you discover you could communicate with the dead?

KN: About 15 years ago, I was going through a rough time when I sat on my bed and asked God if I’d be okay. Instantly, I saw a light coming toward me from across the room. I said, “If you’re not of God, please leave.” The more I said it, the more it came towards me. It moved inside me. The most incredible peace came over me. It was an angel who gave me messages of peace and love. Then I was able to connect with angels and deceased loved ones.

HF: If we’re not a gifted psychic, how do we look for signs and receive messages from deceased loved ones?

KN: They are trying to let us know that they are around us as much as we want to know that they’re okay. Most people think they may see or hear from a deceased loved one, when in reality they are spirits. The energy of who we are does not end, since energy doesn’t begin or end, it just continues. If a departed loved one was quiet or funny in life, their qualities continue. And they communicate with us in our thoughts, feelings, dreams.

HF: How do you tell the difference between your own thoughts and theirs?

KN: Theirs pop into your head. So when you’re thinking about a departed loved one, back track. When you’re thinking a thought that had triggered another thought and another, that’s you. But when a thought pops into your head, it’s likely that it’s them.

They also send us messages in our dreams. If they’re frightening dreams of how they died, that’s us, not them. When they come, it’s very loving, very peaceful. When you wake up, you know without a doubt that it was them. Make sure to write it down the instant you wake up, or you will not remember it.

HF: During the dying process, people may start talking to a departed loved one as if they’re by their side. What’s happening there?

KN: This really is happening, usually right before someone dies. The dying person will be reunited with loved ones, who sometimes help you cross over.

HF: What if you see an apparition while you’re healthy? This happened to me when my grandmother appeared in my college room a few days after she’d died. I woke up freezing cold, and I saw her sitting in her rocking chair, smiling at me. I’d asked her, “Is there a God?” She’d said, “God is the spirit of perfection inside each of us.”

That news shocked me, especially because she was a devout Catholic and that was a radically different view of God. When I’d reached out to hug her, she’d vanished. Years later, when I told this story on a date with a man who’d won the Nobel Prize in physics, he’d told me I’d conjured her up because I needed to see her again. I disagreed with him. How could I conjure her, when what she told me was a revolutionary insight that I didn’t understand at that time?

KN: You may have made her come into your room because you were thinking about her, and she felt you. Then she gave you information that you didn’t know. So it wasn’t your frame of reference, and you couldn’t conjure that. She was really there in spirit. How wonderful.

HF: In that moment, she changed my relationship with the divine.

KN: I was brought up Catholic. I’ve learned there are different paths to God, but there absolutely is a God.

HF: Carl Jung said, “I don’t believe. I know.” The Torah says that we will be judged for all the opportunities to experience joy that we’ve missed. The Dalai Lama says we’re here to experience joy. So how can we use wisdom from the afterlife to find more joy in life?

KN: We need to find the positives in everything we encounter. And enjoy the journey, not just the destination. When you reach whatever you think you want, will you be happy? Maybe not. So get the most joy in each moment and in each interaction with people in your life. That’s what our deceased loved ones keep telling us.

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