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Your Love Guide – Do You Know How To De-Clutter Your Dating Life?

You don’t have to feel bombarded by deadlines, duties and distractions any longer. You’re about to learn 3 simple steps to de-clutter your daily life and your dating life, so that you can love your life now.

3 Simple Steps To De-Clutter Your Daily Life And Dating Life

1. Identify Your Clutter

What is clutter? I define clutter as any internal or external distraction that blocks your clear focus, energetic flow, and optimal experience of the present moment.

The internal or external causes of clutter are similar in your daily life and dating life.

Internal distractions may be old emotional baggage that weighs you down, unhealed physical ailments that deplete your vitality, and a dark veil of unresolved grief that clouds your view of all the love, beauty and blessings in your life.

Internal distractions often are mirrored in your physical environment. For example, your cluttered thoughts or emotions often are reflected in your cluttered desktop, car or external surroundings.

External distractions may be an overload of material things – often disorganized things – in your physical environment, an overcommitment of your time and energy, and an overwhelming barrage of digital or interpersonal communications. External distractions often interrupt your natural state of well being and inner peace.

Once you’ve identified your external and internal clutter, you may notice that you have created most of it. If you’d like to change that, you can take the next step.

2. Clear Your Clutter

* Get rid of your old baggage. Let go of grudges, resentment, jealousy, negative feeling or limiting belief that steals your joy and blocks love in your life.


Think of this as a weight-loss program for your mind. Forgive yourself and anyone else who disappointed or hurt you. Remember the offense and learn the love lesson from it so that you don’t have to repeat it. Then it has served its purpose, so you can shed that clutter like a few extra pounds of blubber.

* Flip your mental switch from thoughts of stress, fear and dis-ease, and focus on thoughts of love and gratitude — the emotions of optimal health and vitality.

* Give away belongings that you no longer love but someone else will
* File or recycle all traces of paper clutter
* Organize things you want to keep and give away or dispose of the rest
* Spend less time reading useless email advertisements and delete them unread
* Use your extra time to schedule some fun in each day

Is there anything else that will de-clutter your dating life?

You won’t get distracted by all of your dating options if you adopt a clear dating plan.
Devote a block of time each day to sorting through dating profiles and corresponding with intriguing matches.
Then you simply select your best match from all of the options.

Once you’ve cleared the clutter, you gain a clear view of all the beauty and blessings in your life. Your eyes and heart are open and ready for the next step.

3. Love Your Life Now!

Without the clutter of distractions, you will see how your loving attitudes and actions are a love magnets that attract more love into your life.

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