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Your Love Guide – Sexy Grandparents Reveal Secrets Of Lasting Love

Why is senior sex a taboo topic? Researchers tell us that a healthy sex life can add energetic years to your life like the fountain of youth. You’re about to get living proof this is true, as you read highlights of my interview with a happily married couple in their 60s who wrote the book, Grandpa Does Grandma — The ABCs of Senior Sex.

Couples of all ages can improve your intimate relationship when you use their steamy secrets of how to enjoy a healthy sex life for a lifetime.

Authors Bonnie and Phil Parker are proud sexy-genarians–my new term for adults who stay in touch with their vital sexuality through the ages. Phil Parker wrote the book, Grandpa Does Grandma, to tell all generations about the reality that seniors can and do enjoy an active sex life. And this is a secret to lasting love.

What are the secrets of maintaining a healthy sex life?

Exercise is key. The Parkers go for a walk or for a workout at the gym nearly every day. Their exercise habit keeps their energy levels high enough for regular physical intimacy which keeps them feeling close as a couple in a strong marriage.

Being interesting is another catalyst to staying in shape for sex and being close as a couple. The Parkers recommend that you pursue new hobbies which keep your mind active and discuss local and world issues and solutions to keep your conversation exciting.

What if couples feel too stressed for sex in these challenging times?

Phil Parker says an active sex life with your partner is a low-cost way to relieve the stress of these tough economic times. Bonnie says that holding hands, staying close and comforting each other help you deal with difficult challenges as a team. Being loving and compassionate with one another is a key element in maintaining intimacy.

Can couples who have lost this intimacy ever regain it?

Bonnie recommends counseling to help you get your relationship back on track. If you can’t afford to work with therapist or marriage counselor, seek the advice of your pastor to help you regain emotional and physical intimacy that keeps your relationship strong.

What if you’ve lost your partner through death or divorce and you want to find a new partner?

The Parkers warn that HIV and STDs are a serious problem in the senior community so condom use still is a key to safe sex in a new relationship.

How does the quality of sex change as you get older?

Phil Parker says that he loved the new joys of sex in his twenties but he finds that intimacy gets better as you get older because you communicate better and understand each others wants and needs. So you can satisfy each other much better.

Why are baby boomers called the V generation?

Phil says 77 million boomers have now reached retirement age and they are taking vitamins, using Viagra and vibrators to enhance sexual pleasure.

Who will benefit by reading their book, Grandma Does Grandpa?

The book gives men an understanding of what women need in a relationship and helps women understand the same things about a man.

Phil explains that sexuality is much more than intercourse. He coined the term, Outercourse, as the real key to successful relationships that offer great communication, understanding, kissing and tender physical intimacy.

Bonnie Parker says that weathering the storms, being family, staying open and vulnerable are qualities that need the human touch, which you can’t duplicate when you interact by texting, emailing or talking by phone. A good relationship depends of staying in close touch.

Together, they wrote Grandpa Does Grandma to help couples of all ages become happy in bed and in life. I hope you’ll use their savvy love tips to stay youthful and energetic as you create a happy relationship with lasting love.

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