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ThanksGiving – Know The Best Way To Celebrate The Holiday For Singles And Couples?

Our late-November holiday tradition doesn’t require gift giving, only thanks giving. This is why it’s often the favorite holiday for singles and couples alike. It also may be our healthiest holiday, because feeling thankful is a healing emotion that ranks right up there with feeling love.

Whenever you focus on gratitude and love, you create more of the same because your dominant vibration always wins. ThanksGiving is the holiday that reminds us to rev up our good vibrations.


Keep your eyes on all the good things in your life right now. If you catch yourself thinking about what’s missing, regardless of whether it’s a matter of the heart, health or home, then visualize a big red stop sign. And return your focus to your many blessings now.

That’s how you flip your thought switch off of stress and dis-ease and onto health, happiness and love.

What’s a hidden benefit of empty feelings?

Empty feelings are your wake up call to take new actions to relieve emptiness. Whenever you focus on what’s lacking in your life, you give that very thing to yourself or to others and your feeling of lack disappears. Here are a few ways to do this:

Feeling overlooked in a relationship? Start seeing and expressing the positives in your partner and yourself.
Feeling drained by nonstop demands? Schedule time to care for you in relaxation, a little exercise, whole foods, good sleep.
Feeling worried? Give some of your time to help a friend in need or visit a nursing home to brighten someone’s day.
Feeling lonely without a mate? Make plans to meet family or friends; sign up for a dating site or hire a matchmaker to help you meet matches and make single friends.

On ThanksGiving, and when you wake up every day, remember the best two words to launch your day. Thank You!
Feelings of gratitude are a love magnet that helps singles attract a love match and couples rekindle loving feelings in your relationship.

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Thank you for reading. I remain dedicated to your dating and relationship happiness!

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