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Your Love Guide – Why Should Your Dream Lover Act Like Your Liver?

If you would like to be or be with a dream lover, let your liver be your love guide.

Your life depends on a healthy liver. It’s your largest glandular organ which filters toxic substances from your blood, stores vitamins and minerals, creates the building blocks of protein, produces 80% of your cholesterol and maintains proper levels of glucose to energize your body.

Why should your liver be your love guide?

You want to prevent liver damage for your optimal health for the same reason you protect yourself and your lover from harm to create a healthy relationship.

What happens when toxic damage occurs?

The liver is the only internal human organ capable of natural regeneration of lost tissue. As little as 25% of a liver can regenerate into a whole liver in less than 8 years due to hyptochronatin cells in the remaining liver.

How does liver regeneration relate to lovers?

When toxic damage like an affair or any thoughtless or unloving actions harm your relationship with your lover, fortunately you have the same power to regrow a healthy relationship due to a success tool that everyone can use.

What is this relationship success tool?

Forgiveness is the success tool which has the power to heal any toxic damage in your relationship.

The most powerful result of forgiveness is to free the forgiver to feel the peace of mind that comes from letting go of past hurts.

How does forgiveness work?

You do not condone the harmful action nor deny the painful feelings it caused. Forgiveness is a process in which you face these feelings and release them, as if you’re dropping enormous lead weights and leaving that heavy baggage behind you.

As you forgive, you take any love lessons with you so that you neither repeat nor allow yourself to be the brunt of these harmful acts again.

Should you let the person who harmed you back into your love life?

Only if you each agree to do whatever it takes to revive the trust so that you feel safe, happy and healthy together.

If you or your lover are unwilling to change your behavior in ways that revive trust, then it is difficult to drop the lead armor around your heart. This guarded, unhealthy relationship may not survive.

If you revive the trust, then you may safely remove your heart armor and feel free to love fully and deeply in a healthy relationship.

Will you start using the tool of forgiveness to regrow trust and love in your relationship?

What if you’re single and seeking your best love match?

Will you forgive those who have harmed you in the past so you are free to love again?

Will you use forgiveness to break up with your past, fall in love with your present and be free to love someone new? If you’re ready to forgive, then list this success tool in your journal now.

Remember to note your progress each time you use forgiveness to love yourself and your life and attract love like a love magnet.

And I’d like to give you the relationship success tools you need to recruit your perfect match, affair-proof a relationship and build better relationships with your family, friends, co-workers and clients when you begin your exciting program at GreaterSuccessAndLove.com

Love deeply, be healthy and live your dreams now

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