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Love Test – Do You Know How To Use A Relationship Compass?

Do you ever feel lost or uncertain where your relationship is heading? Whether you’re in a dating or long-term relationship, you may find your best course toward happiness when you learn how to use this exciting relationship tool.

Why should you use a relationship compass?

Only use it if you want to feel inner peace, enthusiasm and joy in your daily life and your love life. These positive feelings are a sign that you are on your best life path.

A lack of these feelings means that you need to change course and find your joy.

How do you find a joyful path?

You discover your joy when you use your talents, make wise choices aligned with your core values and live your dreams for your life and your relationship.

These attitudes and action plans keep you on a happiness track.

What if you’re off track and unhappy?

Take a look at your inner compass and let joy be your guide. Feelings of energized joy reveal the best direction to fulfill the purpose for your life.

To find your joy, ask yourself a few questions on this Love Test and jot down your answers:

What activities give me the most pleasure?
What’s stopping me from doing them daily?
How can I leap over these blocks to my joy?
Why am I resisting that path?
Is there old baggage holding me back?
Am I ready to give this baggage a farewell pat and leave it behind?
Do I know and like who I am without it?
Am I tired of my old life and excited to start fresh?
How do I see my ideal life?
What values do I hold dear?
Do people in my life share and support my values?
Do I truly believe that what I see will be, when I take the right actions?
Do I need help to move forward and feel joy?
Will I make daily choices that support my joy?

Your answers will guide you toward your joyful life path.

Now ask yourself the same questions about your romantic relationship. Simply replace the “I” with “We” and the “My” with “Our” to uncover the blocks to joy in your romantic relationship.
Invite your partner to answer these questions so you can find your best path as a couple.

Once you’ve identified the things that keep you off course, the next step is to replace those attitudes or actions with better ones that energize you and keep you in touch with joy.
If you need a little nudge, seek the help of a life coach, counselor or community of supportive friends who help you leap over your blocks to joy.

With each choice you make, you stray or stay on joyful path in your life and love life. Wishing you a lifetime of joyful choices!

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Dedicated to your dating and relationship happiness,

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