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Romantic Rescue – How Do You Grow From Relationship Boredom To Bliss?

“If you’re not growing, you’re dying.” This popular self-growth slogan grows out of scientific research which suggests that forward movement is essential for survival. If you’d like your relationship to survive a phase of lifeless boredom and thrive again, then it’s time to revive the spark with a smart Love Tip:

Identify the cause of your boredom and correct it.

Ever wondered why “Perfect Couples” tend to leave long-term relationships? These couples may get along peacefully without disagreements, nor selfish excesses, nor serious issues that often cause couples to leave rocky relationships.

Why do trouble-free relationships break up?

No troubles may mean no challenges, no excitement, no passion, no imagination, no changes, no differences to grow through. Your relationship may die of boredom.

What is a common cause of death?

If you feel stuck in a boring, lifeless relationship, you may have stopped growing as a couple. You may be growing as an individual or “I” on your path of personal or professional success, but you may have stopped growing as a “We”.

What causes the “We” to stagnate? Find the clues in this Love Test:

Do you give more energy and enthusiasm to your family, friends or career than you give to your partner?
Do you spend more time away from your partner than together?
Do you stifle emotions or avoid discussions that rock the boat?
Have you stopped riding waves of pleasure with your partner?
Have you stopped discussing issues in the world or local news?
Have you stopped doing things you love everyday?
Are you a spectator of life because you watch others live life on TV?
Have you forgotten how to date your mate?
Have you given up on your dreams?

How did you score?

If you answered YES to one or more questions, then you and your relationship may have stopped growing. Do you know the antidote?

Trust that this is where you are right now, versus where you can be.
Know that you can revive your happiness and excitement. If you don’t like where you are right now, then it’s time to make some positive changes. Why?

There are seeds of growth in each change you make. What changes are needed to revive the life and excitement in your relationship?

The answers are revealed in the Love Test. Each question describes a cause of your boredom. You have the power to reverse each cause when you take the opposite action. For example:

Will you commit to making your relationship a priority with more quality time together?
Will you give more enthusiastic energy to your partner each day?
Will you express feelings that may shake things up and spark renewed interest, excitement and positive growth?
Will you create more moments of pleasure during meals, massages, and increased physical intimacy?
Will you refocus on finding solutions to issues at home and in the world?
Will you spend less time watching TV and more time living an active life?
Will you take a new course, pursue a new hobby and share new information and excitement with your partner?
Will you plan fun things to do together during a weekly date night?
Will you revive your dreams and do more of what you love each day?
Will you find other ways to be surprised by joy?

When you make these and other exciting, positive changes in your daily life, you will grow from boredom to bliss as individuals and as a couple.

I hope you’ll use these smart love tips to spark up your relationship. And I’d like to give you all the relationship success tools you need to bulletproof a relationship or recruit your perfect match, be even more successful and build better relationships with everyone in your life when you begin your program at http://GreaterSuccessAndLove.com

Love deeply and live your dreams now,
Hadley Finch

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