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Your Love Guide – Will You Date Your Mate Like Singles In Sex And The City?

If all savvy singles made their dating life a top priority like the tribe in Sex And The City, then they’d avoid the common trait that interferes with a great love life. The same holds true for couples who want to create a happy relationship. This is the story of how I became aware of this common trait and made a commitment to self correct.

It’s August in the city — prime time for summer play time. So I penciled in plans to attend a Thursday-evening party for sophisticated singles in an upscale Chicago restaurant.

Because I’m working day and night to open my new online business and I’m enjoying dinners with my daughter during her summer visit, I waited to reserve my ticket for the singles party until the afternoon of the event. It was rude, I admit that.

When I read online that the party was canceled, I guessed the likely reason. Single men and women, especially those of us who are “single again”, often procrastinate in making a social date.


Juggling career deadlines and family desires can limit our free time for a dating life. So we make our social plans after we’ve taken care of our top priorities.

I noticed that Sex And The City didn’t portray this reality in the early years of the show, because those savvy singles in their 30s didn’t have to balance demands of professional and family life with a desire for a dating life.

That show started to mirror a more common reality when Miranda had her baby and also had to balance demands of her career as an attorney with a mate who worked nights. No wonder her unattached single friends started gathering without her for dinner and a dating life. Miranda rarely had spare time or energy to date her own husband.

That’s a big red flag.

How many of us have learned a tragic love lesson of what can happen when you aren’t available to date your mate?

Another reality check: Even committed couples risk losing the co-star in your love story to your eager stand-in who’s always waiting in the wings.

How can busy couples and singles self correct to savor a relationship or revive a dating life?

Make a slight shift in your priorities to make a big shift in your love life.

Imagine if couples made a weekly date night with their mate — even during tough financial times while you enjoy an affordable romantic evening at home after the kids go to bed.

What if hundreds of single men and women made it a priority to accept invitations to social gatherings at least a week in advance?

Will you join me in making a commitment to make your dating life a priority–whether you are single and seeking a relationship or you are creating a happy relationship?

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Dedicated to your dating and relationship happiness,

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