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Your Guide To Healthy Relationships – Should A First Lady Wear Shorts?

This summer two First Ladies were photographed by news media while wearing shorts in public. Find out how each photo stirred up Press interest, but for different reasons and relationship issues.

First Lady, Michelle Obama was pictured looking joyful and radiant while wearing shorts during summer vacation with her husband while their daughters were away at camp.
Her bold move of showing off her great legs in shorts turned the media into the fashion police with these news headlines, “Should A First Lady Wear Shorts?”

FIrst Lady of South Carolina, Jenny Sanford, was pictured wearing shorts while she carried a basket of her belongings out of the governor’s mansion.
Her bold move was leaving her philandering husband, the governor who allegedly used state funds to rendezvous in South American with a mistress half his age.
And Mrs. Sanford left the Governor with their four sons and moved into their family home for the school year.

Which story holds your attention?

Michelle Obama in shorts:
Do you admire a 40-something woman who seems radiantly fit and blissfully happy to spend vacation time with her husband, who happens to be our President?
Do you feel a tad envious of their health and happiness?
Do you support limits in a First Lady’s Fashion Freedom?
What can American couples learn about relationships with the First Couple as a Love Guide?

Jenny Sanford in shorts:

Are you concerned about a betrayed wife with four sons who are moving out of the Governor’s Mansion so the Governor can work through his extramarital relationship with his young soulmate from South America?
Do you think that Governor Sanford can heal the pain and repair the damage that his affair has caused his family?
If he allegedly spent state funds as he globe trotted to see his mistress, how should the Governor’s misconduct be handled?

I invite you to ponder what’s really going on in these stories and leave your candid comments after this post.

As you consider these two portraits of first ladies wearing shorts, are you more concerned about their fashion statements or their reflection of the ideals and challenges in American relationships?

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