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A Lasting Love – Can A Celebrity Couple Teach Us How To BulletProof A Marriage?

Many couples stop dating once your honeymoon is over, and this may be a big reason that half of first marriages fail and up to 70 percent of second and third marriages end up in divorce court. You mistakenly believe that your vows of faithfulness, children or cozy couple routines will bulletproof your marriage against extramarital threats.

These beliefs can make you feel blindsided by a betrayal or breakup. If you want to avoid that fate, then pay attention to the following wake up call and your smart Love Tips from a celebrity couple.

Your wake up call to action:

Be aware that if you stop dating your mate after a couple years or decades of marriage, then you may have a replacement waiting in the wings, ready and eager to take your place. I call this replacement your relationship understudy.

How do you identify your relationship understudy?

*This person spends more time with your mate than you do, often during work or in the pursuit of hobbies and interests you don’t share.
*Your relationship understudy hopes you take your mate for granted, so they can give them the appreciation they deserve.
*Your relationship understudy may be so sly that your mate may not even be aware of the motives and methods your understudy uses to win their affection.
*Your relationship understudy makes your mate feel better and more alive in their presence than in yours. They know this powerful attraction is hard for your mate to resist for long.

How can you disarm their power over your mate?

Start dating your mate again. A weekly date night with your mate can be the kryptonite that saps the power and appeal from your relationship understudy.


Once each week, you and your mate will see each other with your heart, overlook flaws, focus on each others strengths, plan an activity you both enjoy and use a little romance to spark some mutual excitement and appreciation.

This attitude for your date night is how your relationship understudy sees and treats your mate. Will you rise to the challenge?

What if you can’t afford a date night in these tough economic times?

Do you know the high cost of divorce?
Do you know the health risks and heartbreak of betrayal?
Do you know the toll your break up takes on you and everyone who loves you?
How can you afford not to plan a weekly date night?

Planning weekly affordable date nights is an essential part of your relationship care program–the same way your wholesome diet and exercise is an essential part of your personal health care program.

You might say this is affordable health care reform for you and your relationship.

What if you still believe your relationship is immune from extramarital threats?

The threat of infidelity is as real in your house as it is in the White House. We observed daily news reports of the fallout of infidelity in the Clinton White House. We can only guess how their marriage survived this, since the former first couple haven’t shared the secrets of how they repaired and rebuilt their relationship.

Fortunately, we now have a First Couple in the White House who seem to know the secrets of a happy marriage, and they share their smart Love Tips in media interviews.

Why do we criticize the Obamas for enjoying regular date nights and for being the biggest supporter in each others lives?

Why don’t we celebrate their relationship success?

Why don’t we use their savvy relationship secrets to improve our marriage?

If you’d like to bulletproof your relationship, I invite you to set aside your political beliefs and find out what can you learn about love and marriage from our President and First Lady.

The Obamas show us by example how to handle relentless demands and duties while creating the kind of marriage many of us imagine in our dreams.

Notice their date night tradition, their close bonds with family and friends, their commitment to each other and what they want to accomplish as a couple, and their tender expression of mutual affection and appreciation.

These are attitudes and actions every couple can use to create a healthy relationship with lasting love.

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Dedicated to your dating and relationship success,

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