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Feeling Tamed In A Relationship? Use 3 Love Tips To Wake Up Your Wild Side

If you equate the dopamine rush of great sex with love, then you may be a dupe of dopamine. You may view a temporary lull in passionate intimacy as a loss of love. If your sexual fireworks fade into a more friendly love, if your same old rituals and routines fail to spark passion or excitement as they once did, if you feel tamed and ready to bolt from boring relationship rut, then you’re in the right mindset to use these Love Tips.

Wake Up Your Wild Side And Keep Romance Alive With 3 Smart Love Tips:

1. Stop Complaining

If you feel stuck in a dull or disappointing relationship, you and your partner share equal responsibility for being dull and disappointing.

Complaining about what’s wrong keeps you focused on problems instead of solutions. Thinking about what’s wrong is complaining in silence and equally destructive.

The antidote?

Change your focus to change your relationship. Make a new vow to stop complaining and start suggesting new ways to add excitement in your daily interactions. While you repeat this new behavior for 28 days in a row, you create a new habit that will spice up your relationship. Your new positive attitudes inspire you to use the next love tip.

2. Start Making Love

Making love is not having sex. Making love is:
showing affection throughout the day
listening to your partner
sharing new thoughts and ideas
creating a romantic atmosphere for physical intimacy
enjoying new positions in new places
increasing frequency of your lovemaking
fulfilling your partners needs and desires as well as your own

By now, you’re already using the third Love Tip

3. Live Your Dreams Now

Passion and excitement are created outside the bedroom in all the ways you live your dreams. What excites you the most in life? Are you doing this as often as possible?

Your brain is your largest sex organ. Keep it stimulated by learning and engaging in stimulating conversations with your partner.

Find a tribe of like-minded friends who share your dreams as individuals and couples, and dream together.

Your passion for life is an exciting, erotic and energetic wake-up call to your wild side. It’s impossible to feel dull, disappointed or tamed when passion fuels your life adventures, including the greatest adventure of creating lasting love in an enduring relationship.

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Dedicated to your dating and relationship happiness,

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