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A Step To A Dating Miracle: See a bumpy road with new eyes

Thanks for stopping by for our premiere week of OUR POW WOW.  I’m your host, Hadley Finch, and I’d like to introduce you to A COURSE IN DATING MIRACLES.  What’s a dating miracle?   How do you experience one? Why would you want one, if you’re already in a relationship? I’ll answer those three questions and reveal A STEP TO A DATING MIRACLE that you can take now.

What’s a dating miracle?

In many circles of thought, a miracle is defined as a shift from fear to love. I view a dating miracle as a loving shift in a new or existing relationship, including the one you have with yourself.

How do you experience that shift?

By making a subtle change in the way you see things and by taking appropriate action. You’ll be prompted to make that shift each time you read A Step To A Dating Miracle. It’s an action you can take now to help you cross the bridge over old blocks to renewed love. That crossing becomes an adventure when you see it as one. What you see will be.

I dramatized many different steps to a dating miracle throughout my laptop novel, TRIBE OF BLONDES. You can read highlights of each step here. You’ll also read insights from other authors and experts who’ll guide your steps to dating miracle.

Why would you care about a dating miracle, if you’re already in a relationship?

Well, if you’re not dating your mate, it’s time to start now, as a sure-fire way to renew the spark that drew you together. I wasn’t open to that kind of advice before my marriage fell apart. My big mistake. Perhaps you can avoid it. Perhaps you’ll learn to see mistakes with new eyes, like I did with the help of my friends, the Tribe Of Blondes.

As I said in the novel, “There are no mistakes. Only choices with love lessons attached like a bow.”

Some choices create bumps on our road to a new life or renewed love. I’ve made some of those choices. I pointed them out in my novel, as a road map. I’ve learned to see each bump as a call to action. When I took that action, it caused my greatest growth. My laptop novel with 14 songs grew out of it. So did OUR POW WOW and A COURSE IN DATING MIRACLES.

Each step to a dating miracle was inspired by that bumpy road. If you could see a bumpy road with new eyes, how would this help you change your love life? Will you take a step to a dating miracle?

You can watch me take a step in a video here.  It also can be viewed in TRIBE OF BLONDES at the end of the final chapter, Hadley’s Crossing.

Thanks for joining us.  Coming up in the next episode of OUR POW WOW, we’ll explore a dating issue that arose with the Tribe Of Blondes during our adventures of finding new love online. If you’d like to join those adventures by reading the novel with 14 songs, here’s the link: http://tribeofblondes.net/buy.php

Do you have a question or comment about A Step To A Dating Miracle? While it’s fresh in your mind, write it down now, in the comment box below.  Let’s start a dialogue.

I hope to see you here again soon and often.


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