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OUR POW WOW Topic: Love Tests and Secret Pass Keys


As we gather for the debut of OUR POW WOW, we’ll explore love tests that can block you from love unless you know a secret pass key.

I learned about love tests when I started dating again after my 25 year marriage ended in divorce. Though dating after divorce was difficult, I came to realize the issues that we face in dating are really just love tests in disguise.

That’s when I uncovered an Inconvenient Truth Of Dating: Love tests can block you from love, unless you know the secret pass keys.

My novel is filled with examples of love tests and pass keys that I discovered during my dates with extraordinary men I met online. Men named SPIRITRIDER, JOURNEYMAN, PETLOVR4U, SEEKER007. You’ll read about love tests we gave and received, the love lessons we learned, the relationships that have fizzled or endured. I’ll introduce you to these men and their love tests in the video that you’ll find at the end of my first free chapter of the novel.

You can claim your free chapter now by clicking the button on the right side of this page.

If you haven’t viewed this video in the first gift chapter of Tribe of Blondes, you can see it here:

After you’ve watched this video, I’d like you to give a little thought to the issues that block you from love. Could you see them as love tests? How do you handle them? Are you giving or receiving unrealistic love tests in your dating life or relationships? Do you take a pass on the love tests that block you from love? Do you work through the tough Love Tests that lead to or deepen love?

Would you like to share your toughest love test and your secret pass key with us now? If so, take a moment now to write about it in the comment box below.

Thanks for gathering for the Friday episode of OUR POW WOW. If you come back here on Tuesday, you’ll catch a dating tip during A COURSE IN DATING MIRACLES, which will improve your love life whether you’re seeking new love or reviving the spark that drew you together as a couple.

I hope to see you here soon and often.

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