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Are Babies Born with Coronavirus from Infected Mother?

Labor and delivery rooms can be a risky place, especially when a pregnant woman is infected with Covid 19.

Coronavirus infection doesn’t stop the delivery of a baby who’s ready to be born.   Hospital staff wear gear to protect themselves from infection while assisting in the delivery and birth.

Does a woman’s coronavirus infection transfer it to her newborn baby?

“A woman with coronavirus may deliver a healthy baby who is not infected with the virus,” says Dr. Julie Lopatka,  a Chicagoland pediatrician who meets many patients soon after they’re born.  “After delivery, the mother must be separated from her newborn infant for 10 days to protect her baby from infection.”

Is coronavirus present in breastmilk?

Dr. Julie said that Coronavirus has not been detected in breastmilk from an infected mother.  If she wants to breastfeed her baby right after delivery, she can pump breastmilk into a bottle and let someone else feed her bottled breastmilk to her baby during those 10 days of separation.  After 10 days apart, the mother may hold her baby while breastfeeding and taking care of her baby, assuming she feels up to it.

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