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Ask For Love On A Mountaintop. Star In Your Own Odyssey For An Inspired Relationship

Do you know what you want in your love life?  Do you want it enough to hike up to a mountaintop and ask for it?  Or would you stop and say, Whoa?

I resisted that hike at first.  Before I could ask for love on a mountaintop, I needed help from my friends.

I usually look to the masters for guidance first.  I turned to Einstein, who had said that problems cannot be solved with the same level of thinking that created them.

So if we change our thinking, we change our lives? I wondered.  Is it the solution that simple?  Would it work for our love life as well?  I was hopeful, but skeptical.  I needed convincing.

Fortunately, my friends were on that wavelength.  They often encouraged me to change my thinking and see my new single life with new eyes. I was a slow but steady learner.  As new ideas percolated in my mind, they inspired a subtle shift in my thinking that often produced profound changes in my life–whenever I took new actions on my new thoughts.

Thanks to Einstein and the Tribe Of Blondes, I felt ready to take a big step toward new love on the third anniversary of my divorce.  You’ll find out why and how it happened, as I read those scenes from the novel found in Chapter One: Mountains VS. Men.

How do you use this exercise to create or improve a relationship?  I’d like you to look inside and see how you felt about some situations that arose during that mountain hike:

How did you feel when Nonnie said, “We love with every cell of our body.  And we forgive.  That’s what we came here to do.”

Do you agree?  Disagree?  Do you know what’s stopping you from loving with every cell of your body?  Is there someone you need to forgive, including yourself?  Would you like to overcome these blocks to love?

How did you feel when you heard Nonnie’s wish for all of us:  “I want you to go out there and break your heart like I did.”  Are you afraid to love freely and risk breaking your heart?  Would you like to overcome this block to love?

How did you feel about launching a search for a Mountain Man (or Mountain Woman) to love–by asking for help from the mountain gods?  Do you want to conduct an ordinary search for new or renewed love?  Or are you up for an extraordinary adventure?  Could you see yourself as the star of your own Odyssey, as you overcome all the obstacles the gods throw at you during your quest for love? The Tribe Of Blondes inspired me to see it this way. My novel is infused with this spirit of adventure.  It’s contagious.  So don’t read it, unless you want to catch it.

Are you willing to change your thinking to change your love life?  If not, would you like to overcome this block to love?

Throughout the novel, you’ll find out how the Tribe Of Blondes faced all the blocks the gods threw at us during our Odyssey for love.  You’ll also discover real-life tips and tools that you can use to do the same.

Here are some bonus tips from the Tribe Of Blondes that aren’t found in the novel.  No need to use them unless you’re willing and eager to change your love life in wondrous ways.

First, buy a new notebook and jot down new thoughts about the way you want your love life to be. This is for your eyes only, so keep this notebook (or journal) in a safe place. Write down what you want each day, as a way to develop a new habit of thinking.  Write from your heart and soul.  What are your deepest, most private yearnings and dreams?  See it as writing a movie of your ideal love life and you’re the star of every scene. What about your co-star?

What qualities do you seek in a partner?  Be specific and dig deep.  Write about your ideal PIES: the physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual qualities you seek.  Do you possess the same qualities?  How could you rev up those qualities in yourself so you attract an equal match? Do you give thanks each day for all these wonderful qualities in you, for all the love in your life, knowing more is on the way?

As you write down your positive thoughts each day, you’re making them real.  As you imagine your ideal movie of your life, see it as a call to action.  Take an action on each positive thought each day.  Banish your excuses.  Even if it’s a baby step forward, experts have proven that when you repeat a new action 27 days in a row it becomes a new habit.  Each positive thought and positive action creates a positive new reality.  Believe in it.  Be thankful for it.  Enjoy your new reality.  Be eager to share it.  You’ll inspire and attract those who believe in it, too.

Thanks for meeting me here for Our Pow Wow.  In our next episode, we’ll explore a dating secret from the rain forest that unblocks love in one simple step.

Happy dating and loving!


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