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Lose Your Love Blocks. Take A Step Toward Love With The Tribe Of Blondes

In case you missed a new post here last week, I didn’t take a holiday break.  I took time away from writing for OUR POW WOW so that I could record an audio book with the author (me) reading all 17 chapters of Tribe Of Blondes.  It’s fiction inspired by my real-life adventures in dating after divorce.  It’s a novel with real tips and tools for creating and improving relationships.

Today, we’ll explore a tip from the novel that may help you lose your love blocks by taking a step toward love.  You don’t have to go to a mountain to take it, like I did.  I’ll read a portion of Chapter One:  Mountains VS. Men to show you how I tried to take a step toward love with help from the Tribe Of Blondes.

First some background leading up to that scene.  In a recent post, I told you how I tried to detach from my former husband by going on dozens of first dates through a lunch-time matchmaking service.  I’d met many wonderful men with similar interests and life experience, but those lunch dates rarely led to dinner.  Not that I wasn’t asked.  I wasn’t interested.

After a year of lonely nights, I grew hungry for another full meal deal like I’d had with my husband.  I kept wondering, how do I break my carnal fast?

You’ll find the answer to that question when you listen to scenes I’m reading from Chapter One:  Mountains Vs. Men.

We’ll continue on our hike up the mountain to ask for new love in my next post.  This was a perfect rest spot to reflect on ways you could take this step toward love in your own love life.

Do you want to leap over blocks to loving again or to renewing love in an existing relationship?  Have you focused on what’s stopping you from moving forward? What are some possible blocks?

Are you too busy or stressed?  Do you swallow vulnerable feelings instead of expressing them to a date or mate? Do you satisfy your feelings of being deprived of a loving relationship in other ways, like over eating, drinking, working, playing, worrying?  Have you given up on love?  If so, could it be a subtle way to punish yourself or a date or mate?  Are you willing to dig deeper into your mental-emotional patterns to find your love blocks and release them?

What if anxieties or fears are blocking you from love, as they did for me? Do you feel your fear and take it with you as you move forward, as Nonnie advised in Chapter One?  Or do you let fear stop you in your tracks as it did for me at first?

When I looked inside to find answers to these questions while I wrote this novel, it felt like I was feeding my hungry heart in the process.  Then I felt ready to take another big step over old blocks to new love.  You’ll read about that next step in my next post.

I hope to meet you here again soon and often as we lose our love blocks with help from the Tribe Of Blondes.


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